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Joop Eggen

1495.51 (4,138,013th)
82,570 (987th)
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Title Δ
Module javafx.base not found in java 13 0.00
I cannot set the root of the tree to null? 0.00
Reading a File from Eclipse Src Folder 0.00
Jasper report exporting to text results in java.lang.OutOfMemoryErr... 0.00
Russian language causing IOException 0.00
How to call a function when a value of variable has been changed fr... 0.00
Move resource out of try-with 0.00
How to copy data from one table to another and then delete that dat... 0.00
Need help altering modulus equation 0.00
Java to get a list of folders which contains also at least one file 0.00
Divide int elements in array into 2 equal or almost equal suma 0.00
String hex hash to bytes 0.00
Is there a way to add some text in between a file without overwriti... 0.00
How to identify and filter out unicode characters falling in the ra... 0.00
Return duplicates 0.00
Is arg-free repaint() better than repaint() with args? 0.00
Why does url with space gives me MalformedURLException? 0.00
Why is parsing CSV spreadsheet in Java throwing a NumberFormatExcep... 0.00
android java loops versus statements which is better for performance? 0.00
Parsing a textfile and splitting it efficiently 0.00
Why wrong casting of generics won't produce exception in java? 0.00
I'm doing a task on code wars and it doesn't work 0.00
nothing returned by comparing BigDecimal list to long list 0.00
Read NUL-terminated String from ByteBuffer 0.00
In Java, how to copy data from String to char[]/byte[] efficiently? 0.00
How do I paint() a JFrame in another thread? 0.00
Parse docx and ignore icons 0.00
Reverse ArrayList on link 0.00
Creating files from ByteArrayOutputStream 0.00
Drawing line on canvas in the same position multiple times makes it... 0.00
How to convert LocalDateTime to LocalDate in JPA Query? 0.00
Find the missing coordinate of rectangle 0.00
C++ char array[] memory leak 0.00
Strange characters issue while working with csv data and JMeter 0.00
Is it good practice to try-with-resource a file writer 0.00
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Comparison method violates its... 0.00
When we create a constructor in JAVA, is it overloaded or overridden? 0.00
How to make Java class know what to extend? 0.00
How to draw image created in try/catch? 0.00
Duplicate zero in array by modifying the array in place 0.00
Is this considered a cyclic dependency (is this good practice)? 0.00
Adding multiple objects to ArrayList using loop, all objects get up... 0.00
Unable to retrieve the values added in the hashmap 0.00
Identifying page break from byte[] 0.00
Use Java polymorphism to new corresponding object (StringBuffer or... 0.00
How to know which reference is static in Java 0.00
Don't getters returning objects allow callers direct access to... 0.00
Java wrong value when reading from website 0.00
Java Memory Leak in HTTP requests 0.00
Java - Splitting columns of 2d array into a separate 2d array 0.00