An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1372.81 (4,536,281st)
2,408 (70,041st)
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Title Δ
Leaving XMPPRoom 0.00
How to pause flash application in browser? -0.85
Why I can't call this method? -0.35
What does "Scalars leaked: 1" mean? 0.00
How accurate is client unix time? -0.32
How do you build an iPhone App with MobiOne? -0.33
How Java handles IF statements and efficiency -0.56
Experienced in web development. How to get started with iPhone Game... -0.79
cocos2d CCSprite Collision issue -0.32
Using Git over non-standard SSH ports -0.97
Bouncing Ball logics +1.35
Validating data in Cocoa +0.18
How to get the user agent on iOS? -0.33
UITableView adding grouped style and adding segments -0.33
App update submit - Apple is not currently accepting applications b... -0.47
iOS URL Scheme Length 0.00
How to program for the web -0.08
Update cocos2d by replacing libs? -1.26
Display Modal View with an orientation different than the orientati... -0.83
Sencha Touch and Saving Local Media +0.17
How do you extract a key value from a json array and pass it to a v... -0.34
How many devices can an IOS in-app purchase be restored? -0.97
iPhone: How to handle network response exceptions 0.00
NSUserDefaults in cocos2d not working 0.00
How to add marker and label to Zbar sdk -0.31
Zooming lens functionality over UIImage 0.00
How to load an update in an iPhone application -0.59
Fetch data out to xml file stored locally in resources directory of... 0.00
How to show UIKeyboard upon tapping a button? -0.48
Uninstall XCode in Lion +0.32
Pushing UILabel with another UILabel 0.00
How to convert values from NSString to NSInteger -0.44
Is Java a good choice for a streaming server application? -0.95
"Potential Leak Error" - but I don't see it -1.14
No declaration of property ... found in interface - But there is -1.55
Why does my loop execute once only? -1.03
Installing previous version of iOS on developer device (currently 5... +0.17
Simplify if condition? -1.11
Can't upgrade from Xcode 4.2 to 4.2.1 -1.16
Calling a function inside the same class objective C +0.40
Is there an easy way to zip a file or a folder on Mac OS X using Ob... -0.35
"If statement" to check if two different user ids match -2.55
Objective-C memory details -1.08
How long can a char be? -2.64
iPhone equivalent of Eclipse +2.79
Messaging/Events vs. Traditional Method calls +1.40
Push View controller on button click not working -0.35
iPhone app rejected Reasons 2.13: Apps that are primarily marketing... -1.74
How to start learning the Chipmunk physics engine with the cocos2D? 0.00
Why doesn't x increment after x++? -2.07