An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1529.73 (18,310th)
14,848 (9,486th)
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Title Δ
'strace vim/nano' (Ubuntu) 0.00
IntelliJ interactive rebase failing 0.00
Cannot use this variable in the mv command 0.00
spark-submit encounter PKIX path building failed -0.02
I know that happens-before does not imply happening before, can the... +2.14
Why does Spring Webflux only accepts 256 requests in parallel? -1.93
See JButton through image transparency Java 0.00
How to compare multiple enums using Reflection without know the enu... 0.00
Take numbers from string array index, multiply them together? -2.15
Java CreateProcess error=193, %1 is not a valid Win32 application +0.45
Graphics2D wrapper for 2d game engine -1.35
Java GetBound Gives Original Polygon Position not Current 0.00
How do I read lines with \n from a txt file and pass as a string to... +0.50
EOFException why can't we switch? 0.00
Java implementing the delete methid in a skip list 0.00
Chrome CORS request sending two cookies with the same name -0.05
Spring's @PreDestroy results in logging randomly not logging +0.45
Text Search based algorithm not behaving as intended -0.92
Is Shiro's DefaultPasswordService thread safe? -1.31
Is there a work-around for ProgressBar.setProgress accepting an int... -0.12
Deploy context.xml file using maven plugin 0.00
I'm having problems with null pointer exeption and jframes -0.07
How to overcome `Prohibited package name` exception? -2.33
shell script to connect to DB and run some queries 0.00
Adding total of columns when another column changes +0.41
Action class called twice from IE and not firefox 0.00
GridBagLayout: Last component affects grid width -0.53
Unable to cache images served by Spring MVC 0.00
Javadocs link to external javadoc +0.44
Oracle / JDBC: retrieving TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE value in ISO 860... +0.99
How to find the part of the regexp pattern that matched the input i... +2.01
How do I determine the hostname of a web server from an app server... -0.45
Netbeans IDE not issuing warnings about methods called in construct... 0.00
Java annotations - Identifier or TypeName -0.39
StringBuilder modified by multiple threads -2.16
Why does this method lead to concurrency issues? 0.00
JSlider being moved from an outside Object 0.00
After extracting data from html using a for loop, how do I insert o... 0.00
java - when debugging, if i have some writer, how can i get the fil... 0.00
FTP zip file extract Error 0.00
Java AWT custom CompositeContext & anti-aliasing: RasterFormatE... 0.00
Can Spring use a simple String as form command object? -0.06
UnsupportedClassVersionError while running Java program +1.44
Oracle 11g Regular expression Multiple Instances of Pattern -0.04
Bounded Type Parameters @see and @link javadoc -1.73
Output of SHA 1 Checksum using java not matching with example given 0.00
why is -Xss not increasing the number of threads created? 0.00
Linux delete files at least 2 weeks old AND (day of month) % 14 != 0 0.00
Multiple Panels Below Each Other -0.66
JAVA - Indexed or mapped properties are not supported on objects of... 0.00