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Jerry Dodge

1464.35 (4,525,637th)
15,325 (9,166th)
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Title Δ
Boolean property seen as constant 0.00
Using Delphi, Do I need to uninstall, build, install a package whic... 0.00
TADOQuery - Edit mode inserts new record rather than editing -1.29
DocuSign API - How to get callback response after user authenticati... +1.15
Delphi: Keyboard shortcut to create a new UNIT? +2.64
How to automatically increment build number? 0.00
TSaveDialog and 2 formats with same extension 0.00
GDI+ drawing on a TBitmap 0.00
How to select Delphi frame instead of its components for an onclick... +0.49
Delphi: copy object contents into another instance 0.00
Delphi, find Object owner +2.03
Delphi 10.3.2 Build Fails to Find DFM files 0.00
How to let the IDE know that I use ancestor variable? 0.00
LowLevelKeyboardProc() never is executed 0.00
Project version settings keep reverting back 0.00
Send and receive data to and from a website using the TWebbrowser c... 0.00
DFM not found after reorganisation +0.96
TImage width with double value instead integer -0.97
Delphi FMX - How to stop a TStringGrid from scrolling both horizont... 0.00
How to send multiple values to Datasnap server using Postman 0.00
Tstringlist vs. Tstrings in a procedure call 0.00
Changing Paintbox size and graphics problem 0.00
How to change buttons font color with vcl styles? 0.00
How can I disable clicking in a FMX Form? 0.00
How to select a newly added ListBox entry? 0.00
How to find tree nodes that don't have child nodes -2.13
Delphi printing with Canvas, align text to the right +0.59
Accessing other unit constant in Delphi 0.00
Identify which project is in runtime (Delphi Seattle) +0.41
Delphi Windows service name conflict with project name -1.05
How to find what form is calling a public procedure 0.00
Quick method to determine ClientDataSet has changes -0.75
Delphi - why does this function work if the class is not created? 0.00
How to deactivate the event log in debuging? 0.00
Can Delphi be used to create extensions for Chrome? 0.00
Unable to pass empty string into non-null database field -1.39
How to use TObjectList for arbitrary class type? -1.10
How assign the same SocketThread to several threads? +2.42
Firemonkey TListView - Adjust item text margins 0.00
Not responding in Delphi, avoid ProcessMessages and use Threads 0.00
Delphi RESTClient parsing JSON 0.00
Delphi compatibility issue 0.00
How To collect values from JSON response using XsuperObject 0.00
Delphi Threading With TRestRequest -0.41
Delphi. Clone an object -0.31
ConnectionString DataSource='%' property in Delphi 0.00
How to use two properties for a single property editor? -1.28
Delphi Pos always returning 0 0.00
installing components of the single unit type 0.00
Show a Form with a message and an animated image while the applicat... +0.55