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Rating Stats for

Josh Curren

1454.18 (4,404,477th)
4,838 (34,207th)
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Title Δ
How web apps ask location of mobile device? -0.18
Display a "Waiting Message" before the POST form send +0.67
Populating a Dropdown list in PHP dynamically +1.79
php automated sitemap for a free classified ads website 0.00
Session persistence problem +2.48
PHP: why is this null different from the other null +5.21
MySQL problem reconnecting (mysqld.exe) keeps giving error +4.69
CSS three column layout issue -0.49
what is the best way to have daily scheduled reports on my website... 0.00
online money transaction.. php code 0.00
Graceful maintenance of web applications +3.55
help with an add script +0.68
Modify hyperlinks with PHP -2.12
PHP Session Cookies stopped working on my server ONLY -1.68
Menus and sub Menus problem? -4.00
Menus and sub Menus problem? +4.00
HTML anchoring PHP echo values -1.99
apache-webserver-website publishing +0.42
Searching through an ArrayList of Strings to find text -1.52
Script that will quit out every 5 minutes then renew itself where i... +2.25
Accessor and Mutator Methods confusion -2.52
Issues with links while trying to converting HTML to XML -3.46
How to create an RSS feed and display it? -0.92
Have you used any databases only hosting service? +3.55
Is the Apple Mac OS X Free? +2.59
Console output changing in java -3.29
php syntax for new line is not working -2.45
Best CMS for a T-Shirt catalog website -2.64
PHPMailer: sending email....ask for a receipt? -2.91
PHP Bulk Email - Dedicated IP Max? -0.64
Best way to do a PHP switch with multiple values per case? -2.52
Best way to store data between program runs in java? -1.80
Career: Web developer without Flash knowledge -1.33
How does the '&' symbol in PHP affect the outcome? -2.53
Using MySQL Databases and PHP to Populate forms +1.54
How do you create a form dropdown from a database table in php? +0.26
Find out how many users are online in PHP? -2.08
How to measure software development progress -1.34
Change value in Mysql database via PHP +0.50
How to cancel a long-running Database operation? -0.90
Java multiline string -2.93
Java multiline string +2.92
How best to compare to 0 in PHP? -1.91
file upload problem in my server -2.45
Why hasn't SQL Server made a WHERE clause mandatory by default? -2.10
Problems with mixing form and mysql database query +0.33
Is there a way to check if the email is EXISTED using php? -0.64
Transform Array -0.97
Suggestions for making an offline version of an online form? -1.25
How to increment a counter each page load (in PHP)? -3.56