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Marshall Clow

1500.76 (408,148th)
7,192 (22,198th)
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Title Δ
How to get std::optional support in Xcode? 0.00
C++ automatic finalization or objects destruction 0.00
C++ std:: string starts_with/ends_with case insensitive versions? 0.00
Map of template functions 0.00
`std::back()` like function in C++ 0.00
Facing problem while performing basic STL vector program 0.00
what's the p means in c++ STL template arguments Tp, Rp, Fp? 0.00
C++ / priority_queue / Expression: invalid comparator 0.00
how to construct a unique pointer that points to a certain string 0.00
Subtle differences in output values (+/-) between float and doubles 0.00
how to use std::accummulate in c++ to calculate sum cubes 0.00
putting non trivial items in a multiset 0.00
Most efficient way of initializing a map of vectors in C++ +2.74
How to get the proper output in the C Program? +0.18
How to remove 'all duplicated ' values? +1.29
How to handle non default_constructible tyname variables +0.51
Should it be possible to add to an iterator of an empty deque in C++? -0.95
std::adjacent_difference with std::chrono time_point -0.70
Conditional class member based on template -0.90
how __is_trivially_copyable is implemented inside g++ stl? 0.00
Constructor taking std::string_view vs std::string and move -0.15
Cast/Convert const vector<uint8_t> to const vector<char>... 0.00
I have a question about std::priority_queue 0.00
Algorithm to return arg_min and optionally min_val -0.01
Executing function pointer from a in std::vector iterator -1.54
is there any risk using std::addressof(std::cout) instead of &s... -1.24
Variant - are old values' cleaned up when assigning a new value? 0.00
Operation of push_back on an element of Vector (C++) +0.74
Sort function from standard library gives an error using an iterator -0.01
Can anyone contribute to C++ STL? 0.00
what is time complexity of lower_bound? 0.00
How do you make a fold expression with custom operator <<? 0.00
Should I use `const T&` instead of `T&&` in my code lik... -1.14
Does vector erase method needs class to have = operator? -1.31
Is the sequence of random numbers generated with a given seed guara... +2.04
The function " std:: variant <_Types...> operator ="... 0.00
How smart is std::max_element()? 0.00
How to make 'this' into std::unique_ptr? +1.19
Decrement a for loop onto a vector -1.59
Implementing an iterator class for a my linked list. What is the us... 0.00
how to exit a std::execution::par_unseq loop based on a condition 0.00
Where the following function come from `_GLOBAL__sub_I_a()` and `__... 0.00
Is implicit construction of `const std::string` from `const char *`... -1.22
Is there a clang++/libc++ equivalent to the __gnu_cxx::__freeres ho... 0.00
unique_ptr<T,Deleter> constructor requires that Deleter is no... 0.00
Setting precision/field width in operator<< for an entire vec... -0.95
Understanding the "Callable" object/things in this code 0.00
C++: How do unordered containers prevent duplications? +2.66
Neat way how to cyclically iterate 4 enum class values in both dire... -1.19
Using of overloaded new/delete and STL in shared library 0.00