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1474.97 (4,384,820th)
1,711 (96,096th)
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Title Δ
Java synchronization: If more than one methods in java are made ato... +2.84
java.lang.nullpointerexception in url connection +0.69
Java Pattern Regular Expression -1.74
Setting the correct object position 0.00
Eclipse code assist -3.04
Java issue with regular expression -3.41
Java- Non-zero Int Divide by 10 is Equal to 0.0 in Float? -1.72
SQL query with deeper relationship +0.10
Eclipse: What is the Difference Between "dynamic web project&q... 0.00
How do you test if 2 large videos are identical? -3.93
OAuth 2.0 and Resteasy: ClassNotFoundException when WAR is inside a... 0.00
Dividing an one-line HTML file to well-formed HTML file 0.00
How to create an object of a specified class type at runtime? -3.04
Understanding HashMap<K,V> +0.16
Multithreaded Programming in java, best practices and code +0.49
java and website redirection detection -4.60
reference type in Java -2.64
JAXB annotation RootElement -3.99
Java declared type parameter only string -2.71
Can't get column name when using HibernateTemplate +3.53
Adding some numbers in Shell Script? +2.06
Explain: How does Java work as a web application? +1.98
how to print out the data at the certain line using bash script? -0.50
Recommendations concerning Android App(s) -0.08
How do I do a Login query? +3.52
Why does this cause an "The field name is ambiguous" error? +1.89
Java annotations when does it execute? compile or runtime? -1.89
Detecting when matrix multiplication is possible -4.02
Implementing exponential moving average in Java -1.13
Java ScheduledExecutorService - Need advice on real time performanc... +0.07
Checked exception specification and strategy pattern -0.83
Method not visible help?? Java +4.04
Exclude a JSP from web.xml's security-contraint +3.35
regular expression Help on - extract a value from a string ignoring... -0.21
cannot find symbol Error in Java +0.01
Do creating threads in Java may be a bottleneck? -3.10
Java Regex find Oracle Single Line comments Except in a String -1.29
How to create a desktop application which allows you to navigate to... -1.99
Setting a range for an Integer in Java -0.50
java regex to accept any word other than none -2.69
Using the POST Method with HTML Anchor Tags +4.80
How do you format a huge XML file in Java? -0.71
Reverse Engineering JBoss Application 0.00
Java - return or if-else -0.07
Cookie expiration date -2.63
Bash programmation (Cygwin): Illegal Character ^M +1.21
Formatting a *relative* amount of time (ms) in Java? -0.12
How to mark java code such that it's not compiled -2.45
How to decode a file from base64 encoding with JavaScript +2.87
Using more than one thread in Java -1.36