An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1499.12 (3,800,982nd)
15,194 (9,258th)
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Title Δ
How to redefine (override) C++ __DATE__ and __TIME__ predefined mac... -1.99
How to display text beneath "set /p variable=" -1.64
Does the bitwise OR operator do anything special to a 2's compl... 0.00
Why does writing to an uninitialized pointer not raise a warning? -0.22
The sizeof() function followed by square brackets 0.00
How to make ($Line_1`n$Line_2) work in a CMD script? +0.59
After using fgetc(stdin) on a variable, how do I pass the input to... +0.50
Viewing double bit pattern in Visual Studio C++ Debugger 0.00
Numpy saving big ints as floats -1.66
How to use program name with out specific path in .cmd file 0.00
Powershell how to pass System variables 0.00
Determine if values are different +0.35
Right Associativity of Ternary Operator +2.23
Why do MacOS use absolute memory locations for system calls? 0.00
Easy way to automatically generate short file name 0.00
Arithmetic calculation anomaly +0.45
PowerShell: How to prevent truncated string output? -1.81
Why can't I print an unsigned int with printf in C? -0.63
Expression Evaluation in 32 bit CPU +2.13
How to specify current directory +0.23
CS1503: Argument 1: cannot convert from 'int' to 'byte&... +0.51
Convert C# `using` and `new` to PowerShell 0.00
Is the size of an std::string always the number of printed characte... -1.55
Named Address Spaces for MSVC 0.00
Cast void pointer to int 0.00
How can one store a uint64_t in an array? -0.02
Issue in function pointer +0.62
Faster map operations in C++ 0.00
Google RE2 doesn't recognize Unicode escape in regex 0.00
Arduino multitasking using millis doesn't work +0.00
Can you create an inverting function using only 2-input AND ports? 0.00
How can I write the "?:" statements without using the ... 0.00
How to display those Unicode symbols of legacy computing? 0.00
C++ not run an output properly +0.48
Why is std::pow(int, int) way faster than for loop with integer val... 0.00
How does grep handle DOS end of line? +2.45
Is there any difference between auto and __auto_type? 0.00
Difference between char(x) in delphi and (char)x in C# -1.51
What does the line "h = b = out" mean in C +1.13
Unsigned user-defined integer literal +0.09
Executing CMD commands using C++ 0.00
Swap first and last 5 bits in a 16-bit number -1.83
Repeating Command in LLDB -1.92
Do unsigned integers get promoted to signed? What is the type of ex... +1.48
How to run a command with some utf8 parameters in Powershell -0.53
Unable to pass function pointer as function param +1.41
Linux setxattr: possible to use Unicode string? 0.00
Convert BitArray to integer in PowerShell 0.00
C# int and non-English numbers -1.18
Replicate the right justification that ls does when using ls twice 0.00