An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1498.80 (3,821,229th)
16,960 (8,165th)
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Title Δ
Dynamic (re)creation of iframe content does not reset JS objects in... +0.00
Do Not Track implementation in express app 0.00
How to verify hash created with php-crypt in node.js 0.00
Is there no option to map the column name in sequelize model 0.00
Tumblr image posting getting 404 error 0.00
exporting highcharts polar chart to PDF with phantomjs 0.00
Eliminating white space in ajax search -1.02
Does taking information via cURL eat lots of hosting's resources? 0.00
How to count file reads & writes of a PHP script w/o modifying... +2.38
What are some very simple CSS frameworks? -2.10
ie "webpage has expired" on back button PHP session problem -4.56
Replace one URL with another by using mod_rewrite 0.00
mod_rewrite 301 Redirect: from old to new dynamic url -1.02
SQL - Help writing query +0.80
C#: What does MissingManifestResourceException mean and how to fix... 0.00
How to build a category table +0.16
Sending POST data with curl and php +3.82
PHP include class functions with variables +3.80
PHP: "Global" Include -2.43
PHP: Strange Array Problem - Where is my value? +4.45
Insert ellipsis (...) into HTML tag if content too wide -1.10
PHP Multi site login +3.99
How to return XML in ASP.NET -2.78
What's with those Do-Not-Use JavaScript People? +2.34
How to change RGB color to HSV? -1.62
Should small companies code their sites to support Chrome? -1.49
Do I need one or two Unique Key Indexes for this table? -0.18
How can I run multiple versions of IE with different sesions -2.64
What am I not understanding about REST? +4.09
C#: Load roaming profile and execute program as user +3.86
Some Basic PHP Questions -1.78
What should be stored in the database (RDBMS)? +2.75
Calculate when a cron job will be executed then next time +0.23
What's the difference between these two methods of linking a html p... +4.30
jQuery Event Keypress: Which key was pressed? -3.65
PHP HttpRequest +2.33
In MySQL 5.x, is it possible to give permissions based on condition... 0.00
Is it considered bad design to do lengthy operations in a construct... -2.72
JavaScript: Ci is not defined +0.88
Considerations for updating a 'SiteVisit' row many times over a ses... +0.21
What to cache when 99.9% of your data changes frequently? +4.34
Cross Domain User Tracking +1.51
good php framework to run on a budget web host? -0.31
Do you use "kibibyte" as a unit of measurement in your pr... -1.13
Apache Webserver security and optimization tips -3.06
Can I put a caching server in front of my web site? -2.80
PHP: Replace umlauts with closest 7-bit ASCII equivalent in an UTF-... -3.47
Echo A Link, Get A Trailing Slash? -1.40
What GUIs exist for Git on Windows 0.00
Is mathematics necessary for programming? +1.10