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1760.87 (22nd)
327,725 (33rd)
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Title Δ
Matching element using nth-child with class 0.00
CSS Background. Combining content-box with cover +0.22
Using CSS content property with text spanning multiple lines in sou... +0.19
The Canvas Background and the HTML <body> Element 0.00
In html text-transform property not working with initial in the tex... -0.08
CSS text-transform: capitalize skips first word with back-to-back &... 0.00
uppercase HTML tags within CSS selectors 0.00
Am I writing these contextual selectors, grouping, and anchor selec... 0.00
Using nth-of-type dynamically -0.65
CSS attr() concatenation with url path 0.00
CSS selector :first-child appears to be ignored when applying styli... 0.00
Purpose: making div inline. Should display be Inline-Flex or Inline... 0.00
Is there a css selector for knowing if a block is right or below? +0.18
Nested line-through in css -3.10
Why did browsers limit :visited selector? 0.00
Making content appear below the :before pseudo selector? 0.00
How can I override a selector with many negations (:not)? +1.17
Is there an explanation for why we cannot place semicolons between... 0.00
Div with CSS content, after pseudo element is not visible -1.22
Were there any technical limitations within CSS that led to the dec... +0.18
How to select all elements between two elements? -1.52
linear-gradient affecting background-size:cover 0.00
Is text-rendering allowed in @font-face declaration? +0.17
CSS match elements with ANY attribute +0.19
Nesting CSS @supports and @media queries 0.00
What is the consequence of the percent-deprecation of iframe's... 0.00
css selector for every node in path -0.65
Collapsed margin in CSS +0.89
Why do I have to use <T> on static method call on a generic c... +0.23
-ms-animation should I include this for older browsers? +0.73
Displacement of <td> and <tr> +0.78
Is there a way to interpolate CSS variables with url()? 0.00
How to take advantage of default top for absolutely positioned elem... +0.18
Unable to target xlink:href using attribute selectors -3.06
only child when more than one parent has that only-child 0.00
MS Edge CSS transition flickering 0.00
CSS Float on anchor tag causes element to increase in size versus u... +0.18
Are periods allowed in CSS variable names? +0.48
Why is a textnode rendered below its parents` ::before by default? 0.00
CSS @supports: mixing "not" with "and" or "... 0.00
Difference between p and div as block elements +0.18
The use of /deep/ and >>> in Angular 2 0.00
Don't understand the statement "individual inherited value... 0.00
Firefox parsing 4 digit hex color values as rgba -0.63
Setting a single css font-family with multiple weights +0.17
Selector for siblings of a specific element that match a condition +0.90
Is there a tag for grouping "td" or "th" tags? -1.32
Universal selector instead of comma separated elements 0.00
Why are parentheses needed around this lambda function? 0.00
Attribute selector a[href=#example] no longer working after updatin... 0.00