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Rating Stats for

Martijn Pieters

1837.54 (4th)
718,910 (9th)
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Title Δ
ZODB equivalent of ordered dict (odict?) +0.65
"unrecognized .svn/entries format" using buildout 0.00
Why raising a tuple works if first element is an Exception? +1.15
zodb: database conflict fail 0.00
Overriding portlet templates with z3c.jbot 0.00
Automatic id rename after title change -0.12
I am having issues with installing Chameleon and jinja2 with python3 0.00
Dynamic TAL provider: expressions 0.00
Buildout/Mr. Developer randomly failing to pull from Git 0.00
Assign reviewer from different groups at different stages of workfl... +0.39
How to access collection results in best way? 0.00
Casting request objects in zope to an array 0.00
Renaming my.packages to my.package 0.00
Using import with a level specification isn't supported by AccessCo... 0.00
zodb: when PersistentDict, when Folder? +0.42
upload file with python script in plone 0.00
In zc.buildout, how do I install egg A, then install egg B which ne... 0.00
Defining circular references using zope.schema -0.43
How would one set the default view of content that is imported via... 0.00
Plone 4 : CalendarWidget to display Year only without Date and Month 0.00
Compatible versions for python and chameleon 0.00
TAL attribute - if attribute variable is nothing then put "thi... 0.00
are ZODB PersistentLists lazily loaded? 0.00
What is the best way to customize a Zope object's acquisition chain? 0.00
Sequentially Accessed Records in an Hierarchical (Object) DB 0.00
Catalog Result By Positional Order in Contents +1.84
Can I query Grok's ZODB instance outside the web application scope? 0.00
Plone Normalizer and Letter Case +0.40
Plone configuration 0.00
Plone - cannot copy and paste view in Zope Management Interface's p... -0.43
Addition a plone archetype after "Cancel" 0.00
What is the good way to get user_id from user home folder 0.00
How does Cookie Crumbler work in Zope? 0.00
How to make Buildout to leave temporary files around for debugging 0.00
Plone 3 : Overriding the default Javascript files -0.55
Plone site doesn't load base.css anymore, and layout is screwed -0.10
portal_membership.getAuthenticatedUser, portal_state.member etc.. a... +0.45
How to find index for a field (if any) +0.41
Plone 4 - Get url of a file in a 0.00
Cross-plone-site URLs give weird combination -0.05
How to make an HTTP response 'private' with Plone -0.04
How to set multiple values for the same attribute in tal:attributes... 0.00
buildout + django-timezones 0.2.dev2? 0.00
Plone+Python - How to automatically set content item to be default... 0.00
Vocabulary-related errors with a custom widget +0.43
Java Template library similar to ZPT (attribute language) 0.00
plone 4.1 - issue - unable to reduce http requests 0.00
buildout seems don't correctly execute 0.00
Spam in site error (plone 3.3.6) 0.00
How to specify where to place buildout bootstrap generated folders? +0.43