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Martijn Pieters

1841.29 (4th)
718,910 (9th)
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Title Δ
Plone 4 - Get url of a file in a 0.00
Cross-plone-site URLs give weird combination -0.05
How to make an HTTP response 'private' with Plone -0.04
How to set multiple values for the same attribute in tal:attributes... 0.00
buildout + django-timezones 0.2.dev2? 0.00
Plone+Python - How to automatically set content item to be default... 0.00
Vocabulary-related errors with a custom widget +0.43
Java Template library similar to ZPT (attribute language) 0.00
plone 4.1 - issue - unable to reduce http requests 0.00
buildout seems don't correctly execute 0.00
Spam in site error (plone 3.3.6) 0.00
How to specify where to place buildout bootstrap generated folders? +0.43
How to set the sharing rights of a folder in Plone? 0.00
Best way to count page view in Plone +0.43
Plone forms can't send e-mail 0.00
What is the best way to store tagged value into a content in Plone:... 0.00
Upgrading Plone 4017 to 4018 0.00
Working Plone contact form into +0.42
Cleaning up portal_setup 0.00
How to store an image after generating it (Python imaging, Plone 3) +0.42
Is using setattr to set a simple attribute in a content-type in Plo... +0.43
how do I get a list of classes that implement an interface? (zope.i... 0.00
If a user doesn't have permission to render a View (configured on c... +0.41
Redefining security for a browser view in Plone 4 -0.50
How to search for ZCatalog object names -0.07
Do *.zcml files get parsed i18n wise? -0.51
Easiest way to specify alternate transmogrifier _path? 0.00
How Zope interface is implemented? 0.00
Reuse the same template for different content types 0.00
I can't manage portlets 0.00
Does zc.buildout offer a lot more than pip when dealing with packag... 0.00
Vocabulary source, function is not iterable, with dexterity in Plon... -0.07
About importing modules in python +0.42
Return a list of internationalized names of languages in Plone 4 +0.04
Proxy setting for zope.testbrowser 0.00
How to send mail with attachments in Plone using a template approach? +0.83
"Unhandled exception in thread started by Error in sys.excepth... 0.00
Celery error: "str object is not callable", getstate() fu... 0.00
Bug in zc.recipe.cmmi? +0.43
How to inject template code in Plone? +0.41
Download MongoKit "devel" branch from Git using Buildout? +1.32
Is it necessary to keep data.fs.old after packing? -0.30
How to pin version of recipe egg for a particular part 0.00
Does this regex do what I think it does? -2.20
Zope browser page permission +1.25
SCons as an egg in zc.buildout 0.00
What dependencies are required for Python to avoid UnicodeDecodeErr... +1.76
Setting the default page using quintagroup.transmogrifier generic s... 0.00
How commits are kept in order +0.94
Why does the list style disappear when display: block is added to a... 0.00