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Rating Stats for

Martijn Pieters

1841.29 (4th)
740,587 (9th)
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Title Δ
Python object persistence 0.00
Unexpected behavior in nested for loop in python +0.97
Why would a subclass of a subclass of zope.interface.Interface not... +0.38
How does Python setuptools work? -0.40
SQLAlchemy result for UTF-8 column is of type 'str', why? -0.17
Django: Tweepy API not Working 0.00
Python: Very Basic, Can't figure out why it is not splitting into t... +1.30
python closure weird behavior +1.53
Changing string to byte type in Python 2.7 +1.65
How can I access global variable inside class in Python -1.93
Blurring images containing text using Python Imaging Library 0.00
Benefits of avoiding .pyc files? +0.34
Ploneformgen dynamically populate selection field 0.00
ImportError: No module named cStringIO 0.00
How to get tweet IDs (since_id, max_id) in tweepy (python)? 0.00
Python: three different delimiters between columns, column to list,... +0.58
Does setting autocommit to true take longer than batch committing? -0.59
Python HTTP Post fails 0.00
IOError when trying to open existing files -0.60
Read argument with spaces in python script from a shell script +2.80
Warning raised by inserting 4-byte unicode to mysql 0.00
Callbacks with Python curses +0.39
How to prevent python from using orphaned .pyc files? (ones with no... -0.27
No side-effect nested dictionary implementation -0.22
How to handle a long SQL statement string in Python +0.46
How to fix that overlapping XML? +0.39
Line endings in python +0.18
Using setdefault, but not wanting to reassign back to map/dict -0.62
python install package from python 0.00
Printing a line at the bottom of the console/terminal -0.14
Attempting to read open file a second time gets no data +0.54
initialize python dictionary containing a strings and lists -0.93
How can I exclude files in my .gitignore when packaging a Python egg? +2.02
Read temperature of a 1-wire device connected to a HA7E 0.00
How to call method on suds in python? 0.00
Decorating recursive functions in python -2.58
Processing badly formed HTML files with XPATH +0.22
Getting syntax error with Python If statements 0.00
IOError: [Errno 13] Permission denied in Plone 4.1.4 zeo with colle... 0.00
Hidden id on tkInter Listbox +1.86
What's "@+node"? 0.00
How can I use the Engine within a SQLAlchemy declarative class? -2.26
Using Python's stat function to efficiently get owner, group and ot... -0.76
Large file upload fails 0.00
SqlAlchemy, generated object Id and Zope transaction 0.00
Where do I put exception definitions common to an interface? 0.00
how to do a conditional decorator in python 2.6 +1.49
Python's hasattr on list values of dictionaries always returns false? +0.98
Getting all arguments and values passed to a Python function +0.21
How do I automatically add a class variable to certain subclasses +1.94