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Rating Stats for

Martijn Pieters

1844.37 (4th)
757,597 (9th)
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Title Δ
Buildout: use a "package" as an entry-point? 0.00
How do I get a python regular expression to return all text not mat... +0.71
How can I use Python's super() to update a parent value? -0.10
Paul Irish 'duck punching' pattern observation -0.08
how to map url with usernames prefixed? +2.21
Triggering an overlay through Javascript in Plone 0.00
Specify DateTime format on zope.schema.Date on Plone +0.85
Pyramid config loading error +0.41
python path problem: ImportError when calling zodbconvert (FreeBSD... +0.86
Jquery AJAX: How to Change button value on "success"? -0.68
Get the difference between dates in the form of list years and months 0.00
Unique URLs in plone 0.00
Override Canonical Object in Plone +0.43
buildout - using different python version +1.30
Why Plone 3 sets language cookie to CSS & JS registry files and... 0.00
ZODB not able to commit +2.56
How can I install my project from source with Buildout? +2.59
Plone 4.0.4 and collective.contentrules.mailtogroup - no group sear... -0.56
how to calculate number of items in per user groupby item -4.07
How to convert a string properly instead of MutableString 0.00
Django like middleware for Zope -1.42
ImportError on subpackage when running test 0.00
How can I add a classic portlet at the root of the portal when my p... +1.35
Change the input method in plone event forms? +2.64
Are sticky sessions needed when load-balancing Plone 3.3.5? -4.40
How to access views defined with a specific [plone.]browserlayer in... 0.00
How and why to set the layout type for (lawn v. bushy) 0.00
GenericSetup: What does toolset.xml accomplish if ToolInit still ha... -3.15
Plone 4 Table View Work Around +1.33
Buildout ignoring github `find-links` reference 0.00
Application build/deployment for python 0.00
Events collection dates are off on collection view 0.00
"Update security settings" in portal_workflow triggers ca... 0.00
Convert LinguaPlone sub-language back to language for all content? 0.00
When to use nocall on my tal:condition? -4.53
Multi-level sorting of collections -2.57
Registering a Javascript to be loaded on edit view -3.98
Plone 4.0.4 and Postgresql Encoding 0.00
Sending out twitter retweets with Python +3.11
Add Python arguments in script's shebang line (script made with bui... 0.00
Plone ZODB Database records in the future 0.00
collective.monkeypatch fails to detect Zope version (z3c.form) +3.54
transmogrifier without plone +3.29
Cheating traversal +3.48
Can zope.interface define how a class' __init__ method should look? +3.19
Python: Comparing two CSV files and searching for similar items 0.00
Condition depending other field +3.49
Disable radio buttons based on the action of other radio buttons -0.33
What's the best way to handle source-like data files in a web appli... +0.74
Is there a framework agnostic captcha module for Python? -0.43