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Martijn Pieters

1839.50 (4th)
767,591 (9th)
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Title Δ
python & SQLite in Production -0.61
python groupby behaviour? -1.30
best practice for passing values between functions in Python -0.57
Celery and Python's logging 0.00
Python finding stdin filepath on Linux +0.40
Where is the best place to put database ids on the client-side? -0.25
easy_install fails on error "Couldn't find setup script"... 0.00
Plone custom viewlets.xml not being picked up +0.41
Hide custom fields on @@personal-information view 0.00
Is it possible to retrieve a value in a child class generated by a... -0.09
collective.xsendfile, ZODB blobs and UNIX file permissions +0.42
Python : Correct way to strip <p> and </p> from string? -0.74
iterating through a list with an if statement -0.23
returning a user defined function name when using a decorator with... -0.09
Python regex multiple search +0.42
SQLite - Highest 60 second average in a time series? -2.17
How to use buildout to build Qt, PyQt, and SIP? 0.00
Zope register external methods using zcml configure 0.00
Why don't toString and hasOwnProperty (etc) show up in for-in loops... +1.03
how do I get configuration from buildout in my plone products? 0.00
Variable names with dictionaries? -1.61
Can I create a single egg for multiple versions of python? 0.00
SQLite: Delete duplicate entries 0.00
Counting backwards +1.39
File locks in SQLite -0.58
Plone yields 404 on new content save +0.42
Remove extra spaces in middle of string split join Python +1.44
BlueBream framework and multi connections to databases 0.00
Translate various inconsistent date strings into a valid 'date'; Py... +0.44
collective.plonetruegallery won't work in Plone 4.0 0.00
Zope 3 and current Products -0.72
JavaScript Regex replace if more than n occurence -0.58
How to convert string to variable name? -1.97
How to detect that a certain string is not an email address but a t... -1.05
JavaScript regular expression match -0.00
Version control on an external project +0.41
Reuse identical parts across multiple buildouts 0.00
Object doesn't implement IField 0.00
Zope 3 + windows + MySQL - How to install ZMySQLDA on windows? +0.38
FieldIndex: unindex_object could not remove documentId -2.10
Why is Python easy_install not working on my Mac? -0.42
What makes a python tuple? +0.81
TCP-Server over SSL using SocketServer.TCPServer 0.00
Error notification on plone 4 +0.44
Plone 4 apache rewrite proxy works but not showing images -0.57
Display Actions Only For Specific Folders +0.42
Use Plone to authenticate users from mobile devices 0.00
Where can I see who is currently logged in to Plone? +0.41
Disabling portlet types site-wide in Plone 0.00
Buildout: use a "package" as an entry-point? 0.00