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1771.87 (19th)
680,643 (31st)
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Title Δ
Is a legend element a grid item if a fieldset's display is grid? 0.00
why we are using HTMLInputElement in typescript? +0.17
Choose all links whose targets don't have suffixes using jQuery 0.00
For an CSS animation, can I specify an already specified CSS block... 0.00
Why does just top border of inline element overflow? Why not left b... +0.17
Why does the Cascade for CSS Custom Properties Not Work? 0.00
CSS selector conventions: Why does Chrome suggest you to select via... 0.00
Interactive content inside <label> tag in html? -1.39
Why should I have to override the webkit stylesheet to create a css... 0.00
CSS floats: how to keep the float near the text it belongs to? -0.13
Wildcards in jQuery attribute's name selector? -0.76
What is the "text" child node of the html node? 0.00
Use a CSS-variable in SVG via <img> 0.00
Is it good to initialize collection properties 0.00
background-color: transparent shows as background-color: #0000 in S... 0.00
How to search for only HTML elements using browser web dev tools? -1.23
Why should I ever use CSS selectors as opposed to XPath for automat... +0.74
Bug in most browsers?: Ignoring position relative on 'tbody'... 0.00
Why is table-layout: fixed affecting the width of the parent element? +0.67
How to use chrome dev tools to find elements based on css class or... +0.17
HTML5 <base> Tag with root relative url 0.00
Why does Bootstrap use a 0.02px difference between screen size thre... 0.00
can I have two adjacent borders intersect each other? -1.77
IE Compatibility mode go to highest possible version 0.00
Failed to execute 'querySelector' on 'Document': &#... +0.18
querySelector is not in the living standard 0.00
Is there any css prefix for Edge? 0.00
getComputedStyle returns unexpected CSS values 0.00
Could <hgroup> be used for markup in order to make a containe... 0.00
CSS variables: Sugar syntax exists? +0.18
Which HTTP verb is most appropriate for adding/removing a many-to-m... +0.91
Is the margin considered a part of the element? 0.00
How to select element outside DOM without event? -0.83
Any problems with using a pseudo-element to space paragraphs with C... +0.17
At what point will IE 10 (and 11) be older than three versions old? 0.00
Querying Html Hierarchy using advanced logic +0.17
What is difference between these two jQuery selectors: 'select... 0.00
Why would I use auto-implementation over encapsulation? +0.67
CSS clip: unset; on Safari -0.33
Should table-layout:fixed allow me to specify cell sizes that add u... -0.74
CSS Selectors for Scrapy Web Scraping 0.00
Conditional CSS selector based on state of DOM -0.34
HTML <pre> tag does not seem to honor Unicode Character '... 0.00
Why doesn't the src attribute of an iframe change if I click on... 0.00
Changing range input styling with JavaScript 0.00
Mixing an @supports with an @media query in CSS +0.60
Why does querySelectorAll on text type miss inputs with implicit te... +1.10
What is this variable kind of thing in css? +0.41
Why color applied to a body affects shadow-root +0.16
alignment box for inline-block non-replaced elements +1.30