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1773.61 (18th)
554,859 (30th)
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Title Δ
CSS attribute selector and case sensitivity with the "type&quo... 0.00
why css variables override another file's css variable? -0.55
What's the difference between an HTML <i> tag and css &qu... +0.17
How can I determine if an HTML element has a value, even if it is e... -0.46
How does the default user agent stylesheet style lists differently... +0.78
Why does a width of fixed/absolute element fallback to children? 0.00
Identifying Anonymous Block Boxes 0.00
is using `lang` attribute in a `style` tag allowed to mark css prep... 0.00
What happens if Internet Explorer compatibility view not specified 0.00
What happens when an ICollection property is initialized using the... +0.17
Omitting pixel when using inline "width" 0.00
8-digit hex is not a background-color value +0.16
How to handle CSS media query negation including browsers which do... +0.44
css query for selecting div element which does not contain table el... +0.34
Transition of color affecting top‽ 0.00
CSS 'absolute' positioning: what is the behavior when there... 0.00
Are browser prefixes required for all version of animation keyframes +0.76
How limited is support for Level 4 in Safari Content Blockers? 0.00
Extrinsic Size Determination (CSS Intrinsic & Extrinsic Sizing... 0.00
In Chrome settings, which style is used to achieve the box shadow f... 0.00
What is the correct way to define a CSS Position interface in Types... +0.63
Selecting a node with a dot or fullstop in the name with Puppeteer +0.17
Filter blur support for Windows Safari 0.00
CSS properties and it's impact on performance? -0.33
Why some C# library functions don't follow the "ref"... +0.40
Why do the subsequent elements overlap when using the same number z... 0.00
CSS.supports in Edge returns incorrectly for items that are supported +0.16
Ampersand entity marked red in HTML source page (Firefox) 0.00
How to use multiple and nested span CSS selectors in Scrapy? 0.00
What is the difference between p:nth-child(2) and p:nth-of-type(2)? +0.07
About DOM elements internal indentifier +0.82
Struct with initially invalid fields 0.00
Proper html syntax for forms? 0.00
How to use a pseudo-element to select links to domains ending in foo? 0.00
EJS template select option showing selected="" instead of... 0.00
Is a legend element a grid item if a fieldset's display is grid? 0.00
why we are using HTMLInputElement in typescript? +0.17
Choose all links whose targets don't have suffixes using jQuery 0.00
For an CSS animation, can I specify an already specified CSS block... 0.00
Why does just top border of inline element overflow? Why not left b... +0.17
Why does the Cascade for CSS Custom Properties Not Work? 0.00
CSS selector conventions: Why does Chrome suggest you to select via... 0.00
Interactive content inside <label> tag in html? -1.39
Why should I have to override the webkit stylesheet to create a css... 0.00
CSS floats: how to keep the float near the text it belongs to? -0.13
Wildcards in jQuery attribute's name selector? -0.76
What is the "text" child node of the html node? 0.00
Use a CSS-variable in SVG via <img> 0.00
Is it good to initialize collection properties 0.00
background-color: transparent shows as background-color: #0000 in S... 0.00