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Martin R

1773.23 (16th)
410,382 (49th)
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Title Δ
Add iOS icons and launch images under a Resources folder +0.83
Use NSOpenpanel and NSfilemanager to find contents of directory 0.00
NSPredicate Issue - Not finding data 0.00
iOS5, StoryBoards, ARC: Weird categories issue 0.00
How to make a queue of NSURLRequest using GCD? +0.46
UTF8 strings in Javascript to be intercepted by UIWebvi... 0.00
NSFetchRequest with subentities - searching within the subentities 0.00
making http request and parsing specific data from returned json ob... 0.00
How to check whether it is ended xml parsing +0.44
arrayWithArray:nil returns empty array but not documented 0.00
Drawing suspended while processing async NSURLConnection receive data 0.00
can't display a UILabel -xcode 0.00
JSON Dictionary to Core Data -0.07
UIImageView not updating 0.00
NSMutableArray gets reset after calling modalViewController +0.44
How can i get original nsdata of uiimage? 0.00
diffrence of two time in c++ -0.34
what is the right way to do lazy loading with a CCSpriteBatchNode? 0.00
Initialize all UIViewControllers in UITabBarController without show... 0.00
core data saving in textboxes in table view controller 0.00
iOS: plist data not persistent/Trouble finding file 0.00
Edit Color Bytes in UIImage -0.29
How would I form a fetch result predicate based on this data model? +0.46
NSFetchedResultsController has 0 sections 0.00
NSURLConnectionDataDelegate method is not calling 0.00
Cannot open UIManagedDocument for editing 0.00
Localization - Add additional language to localizable.strings file 0.00
iOS: Change contents of self (UIImage) 0.00
BAD ACCESS exception performSelector:WithObject: method 0.00
Why can't I see any console logs for my iPod? 0.00
NSString, NSArray Memory leak in method +1.02
How to overlay one image over another image in iPhone 0.00
UISearchBar cancel button change language of word 'cancel' in UISea... 0.00
NSDictionary Predicate filter on child objects 0.00
Master view doesn't show when I add Split View Controller to a Stor... 0.00
NSSortDescriptor - sort by location +1.16
NSPredicate predicateWithFormat not evaluating format specifier -1.96
Measuring running time of a function on iPad +0.40
Filtering an array of managed objects by another array of managed o... 0.00
UITableView/UITableView Cell Index Issue 0.00
Custom UITableViewCell Doesn't Draw Corectly 0.00
Change UIDocument Interaction Icons 0.00
Analyzer claiming an object was released when it wasn't -2.21
iPhone: Hide Keyboard on App Did Enter Background or View Did Disap... -0.60
iPhone redpark crash after aprox 20 readings 0.00
Concurrency with core data 0.00
iOS 5 Devices Without armv7 Support -1.68
Looping Through Table View Cells -2.27
What exactly is [NSFetchedResultsController sections]? 0.00
IOS vsnprintf implementation using NSString 0.00