An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Martin R

1773.56 (16th)
401,069 (49th)
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Title Δ
sort entities by attribute (number) with those equal to 0 AFTER neg... 0.00
How to avoid the XML parser go to the nested tag, or only allow the... 0.00
How to access textLabel frame 0.00
Trying to enumerate through NSFetchedResultsControllers 0.00
UITableViewCell: Custom Row Height for prototype cell 0.00
Writing variables and strings to a text file (objective-c) 0.00
iOS - undo push from Master split view 0.00
Linker error in Xcode 4.4 0.00
Remove time from date +2.10
Highlight button before the function ends in iOS +0.69
Does shouldReloadTableForSearchString wait a while before executing? 0.00
How do I verify the contents returned from a queue match the UITabl... 0.00
iOS: How do I get my blocks to execute without interrupting each ot... +3.85
Is there any function to retrieve the path associated with an inode? +2.93
How to open a jar file in a Cocoa App 0.00
Why does this clock that I created seem to never release any of it... -0.27
Protecting custom fonts in UIWebVIew -0.03
NSPredicate on nested object / NSSet to filter the result during NS... 0.00
In objective c, is there any way to open a new view non modally, an... +1.44
How to sort based on a calculated value from multiple Core Data att... 0.00
Adding a SubView does not display before pushViewController -0.61
iOS: How do I sort my table view using a integer value but wanting... 0.00
Memory leak in AudioServicesPlaySystemSound using ARC 0.00
Modifying data from parent scope inside a dispatch queue -0.44
How to create a property list from nsmutablearray programmatically... 0.00
How to change sendSynchronousRequest to sendASynchronousRequest in... 0.00
Change UIDocumentInteractionController Icons 0.00
Load Mime Type Image in UITableView 0.00
How to scale UIImageView when device is rotated? +3.55
any to-many to-many predicate +3.24
unable to load the mail client in iOS -0.62
How do I parse through an array of objects in Objective-C? +1.84
How to use multiple ANY operators within one predicate? 0.00
using data from datasource to for initWithFrame in subview -4.35
Understanding 'potential null dereference' when dealing with NSError 0.00
NSFetchedResultsController, refetch data with external condition -0.51
Instance variables and threading with GCD +5.29
Why aren't multiple NSSortDescriptors working with NSFetchedResults... -0.31
CoreData one-to-many relationship -0.35
Invalid Conversion Specifier - SQLite - xCode Objective C 0.00
iPad: Popover windows got resized iOS 0.00
Read encrypted PDF as a stream in iOS 0.00
Weak references in blocks and retain cycles -1.57
How to sort non-english strings using nspredicate? -2.08
Multi-threading a procedural algorithm +3.87
Changing Provision Profile for Push Notification System 0.00
ios default paper size for pdf 0.00
sortUsingSelector: method isn't cycling through all the elements in... 0.00
Local notifications not adjusting for timezones 0.00
how to get the physical path to the ALAsset object 0.00