An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Martin R

1783.39 (13th)
519,795 (55th)
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Title Δ
Tab Bar controller - Tab bar could not set background image for por... 0.00
Will observers automatically removed when observers become nil? 0.00
NSMutableArray EXEC_BAD_ACCESS on initWithObjects +4.00
Weird behaviour with fetchedResultsController in numberOfRowsInSect... 0.00
Selecting Item of NSMatrix programatically 0.00
NSRangeException exception in NSFetchedResultsChangeUpdate event of... 0.00
Core Data: refreshObject:mergeChanges: faulting with a "missin... 0.00
Variable leak in Makefile 0.00
How to use a UIActionSheet to confirm deletion of a UITableViewCell 0.00
Add a symbolic breakpoint on a selector in Xcode 0.00
LLDB equivalent of GDB's '@' operator in Xcode 4.1 0.00
How do I calculate the number of days in this year in Objective C 0.00