An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Rating Stats for

Martin R

1776.33 (14th)
466,127 (50th)
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Title Δ
increase the height of search bar table view cell 0.00
Removing view from UITableViewCell's accessoryView not working 0.00
redrawing a Rect that created via a class 0.00
Reload table after NSFetchedResultsChangeInsert 0.00
Xcode 4.4 Simulator: how to remove older unneeded devices? +3.96
How to proceed with a service URL which is untrusted? +3.99
Why is my NSNetServiceBrowser not resolving anything? 0.00
Repeating UILocalNotification behavior when time changes 0.00
NSTask launch in xCode issue 0.00
Change NSManagedObject property without triggering delegate methods? 0.00
Calculating UILabel and UIButtons sizes to make a sentence? 0.00
call methods from observeValueForKeyPath. 0.00
Repeated custom UITableViewCell only draws last cell +0.08
How can I make NSURL cache? 0.00
Push a viewController from the UIImagePickerController camera view -4.07
dismissing keyboard with sender vs self._inputBox 0.00
Get Slightly Lighter and Darker Color from UIColor +3.97
Objective C UIAlertView queue -2.05
Batch Faulting Child Relationship in Core Data 0.00
UITableView con UIAlertView - (UITableView with UIAlertView) 0.00
Tab Bar controller - Tab bar could not set background image for por... 0.00
Will observers automatically removed when observers become nil? 0.00
NSMutableArray EXEC_BAD_ACCESS on initWithObjects +4.00
Weird behaviour with fetchedResultsController in numberOfRowsInSect... 0.00
Selecting Item of NSMatrix programatically 0.00
NSRangeException exception in NSFetchedResultsChangeUpdate event of... 0.00
Core Data: refreshObject:mergeChanges: faulting with a "missin... 0.00
Variable leak in Makefile 0.00
How to use a UIActionSheet to confirm deletion of a UITableViewCell 0.00
Add a symbolic breakpoint on a selector in Xcode 0.00
LLDB equivalent of GDB's '@' operator in Xcode 4.1 0.00
How do I calculate the number of days in this year in Objective C 0.00