An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Martin R

1776.33 (14th)
466,127 (50th)
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Title Δ
Load Mime Type Image in UITableView 0.00
How to scale UIImageView when device is rotated? +3.55
any to-many to-many predicate +3.24
unable to load the mail client in iOS -0.62
How do I parse through an array of objects in Objective-C? +1.84
How to use multiple ANY operators within one predicate? 0.00
using data from datasource to for initWithFrame in subview -4.35
Understanding 'potential null dereference' when dealing with NSError 0.00
NSFetchedResultsController, refetch data with external condition -0.51
Instance variables and threading with GCD +5.29
Why aren't multiple NSSortDescriptors working with NSFetchedResults... -0.31
CoreData one-to-many relationship -0.35
Invalid Conversion Specifier - SQLite - xCode Objective C 0.00
iPad: Popover windows got resized iOS 0.00
Read encrypted PDF as a stream in iOS 0.00
Weak references in blocks and retain cycles -1.57
How to sort non-english strings using nspredicate? -2.08
Multi-threading a procedural algorithm +3.87
Changing Provision Profile for Push Notification System 0.00
ios default paper size for pdf 0.00
sortUsingSelector: method isn't cycling through all the elements in... 0.00
Local notifications not adjusting for timezones 0.00
how to get the physical path to the ALAsset object 0.00
Core Data nested managed object contexts and frequent deadlocks / f... +3.63
how to fix tableview crash due to uncaught exception 'NSRangeExcept... +3.63
ARC Semantic Issue with simple protocol example? -0.25
iOS error when using writeImageToSavedPhotosAlbum 0.00
how to prevent access to private variable at run time in objective C? -0.31
Misunderstanding of macros in iOS -4.30
Is there any way to get a photo' path in photoLibrary? 0.00
Why are my targets in Products colored red? 0.00
Prevent a block from running until all previous queue items have co... -1.80
iOS Local Notification Opens Specific Tab? 0.00
Copy an instance variable into an Objective-C Block -1.42
NSMutableDictionary returns empty NSMutableArray +3.53
isEqualToString Malfunction -4.04
UISegmentedControl event does not work properly 0.00
Best practice for creating many UIColors? +3.87
NSPredicate check NSArray if object has one of several ID +3.67
passing integer as * void in objective-c/cocoa 0.00
customize table view highlight 0.00
UILongPressGestureReconizer Tag? - iPhone +3.94
how to make core-data inverse relationship not nil both references 0.00
*** Terminating app due to uncaught exception 'NSRangeException' in... -4.34
(Multithreading?) Combined with Pushing View Controller -0.22
What is the correct way to fail at compile-time if ARC is off? +4.04
How to show several subviews? +3.81
not able to click the search bar tableview cell +3.38
Approach for "calculated fields" on NSManagedObject subcl... +3.40
NSMutableURLRequest: Uploading a file using setHTTPBodyStream rathe... 0.00