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Martin R

1772.48 (17th)
454,530 (49th)
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Title Δ
How to print Core Data debug values? 0.00
core data delegate methods are getting called more than once 0.00
Inserted object is not reflected in the query results with NSFetchR... 0.00
What is the need for a primitive when using a transient property? 0.00
popviewcontroller does nothing, doesn't work +1.86
AudioFileReadBytes from a memory block, not a file 0.00
Core Data - Technique For Saving Relationships? 0.00
generate random numbers in iphone -0.19
Passing only one argument with CGAffineTransformMakeTranslation (x,y) -0.13
NSNotificationCenter in document-based app 0.00
Accessing Core Data entity name from NSArrayController -arrangedObj... 0.00
Scale a Bezier Curve Proportionally - calculate control points 0.00
Pipes in NSString fetched by NSMutableURLRequest 0.00
Dynamic-cast from 'const b2Shape*' to 'b2PolygonShape*' casts away... 0.00
CoreData - Get posts and ONLY their unremoved comments -0.06
is it OK to handle a Core Data database created with from an UIMana... 0.00
Programmatically unloading all views on iOS Device 0.00
MBProgressHUD with NSURLConnection +0.44
UITableView with NSFetchedResultsController reloadData but does not... 0.00
NSPredicate for one-to-many relationship 0.00
Get UITableViewCell from UITableView with cellForRowAtIndexPath 0.00
How to prevent overwriting values in UITableViewCell? 0.00
How to sort NSMutableArray in Alphabetical order according to there... 0.00
Updating TableView of Blog Articles Issue -2.14
Core Data - getting values through a relationship 0.00
Need I create many controllers in tabBarController? 0.00
Register UncaughtExceptionHandler in Objective C using NSSetUncaugh... -0.15
LLDB equivalent of GDB's macros +0.45
Can't select Cell in UITableView For UITableViewCellAccessoryCheckm... 0.00
How do I access the height of a tableView cell from within tableVie... -0.11
Parent entity inheritance and inverse relationships using core data -2.31
Removing Header Titles from a UITableView in Search Mode 0.00
Nil NSString method +0.40
Navigation- & Toolbar not hidden when UIScrollView scrolls +0.44
How to substract string correctly? 0.00
Add iOS icons and launch images under a Resources folder +0.83
Use NSOpenpanel and NSfilemanager to find contents of directory 0.00
NSPredicate Issue - Not finding data 0.00
iOS5, StoryBoards, ARC: Weird categories issue 0.00
How to make a queue of NSURLRequest using GCD? +0.46
UTF8 strings in Javascript to be intercepted by UIWebvi... 0.00
NSFetchRequest with subentities - searching within the subentities 0.00
making http request and parsing specific data from returned json ob... 0.00
How to check whether it is ended xml parsing +0.44
arrayWithArray:nil returns empty array but not documented 0.00
Drawing suspended while processing async NSURLConnection receive data 0.00
can't display a UILabel -xcode 0.00
JSON Dictionary to Core Data -0.07
UIImageView not updating 0.00
NSMutableArray gets reset after calling modalViewController +0.44