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Funk Forty Niner

1751.40 (43rd)
81,368 (1,013th)
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Title Δ
Calling images from database produce empty spaces in html +1.20
How create a Directory WHIT PHP and HTML whit a Button? 0.00
php mysql bcrypt and password doesn't match 0.00
Warning: mysqli::query(): Couldn't fetch mysqli - PHP7.1 &... +0.19
How can I make this function work with php 7.2? 0.00
PHP - Error ASCII=16 State=0 Unexpected Character in Input 0.00
move_upload_file not working and permissions are all there 0.00
JavaScript click not working variable +0.18
Undefinex index of POST from Ajax jQuery array -3.00
adding datetime to database 0.00
why does variable not update value -0.80
HTML form + PHP does not match 0.00
PHP login form not working well +0.22
php display mysql table in html +0.18
Select from database where a column equals any value in a variable +0.62
Using htmlentities & entquotes in $_POST +0.94
Query doesnt insert to database when using "/" for concat... -0.31
PHP file opens empty when downloaded 0.00
MySql insert 0 instead of my value +0.18
PHP creating a password reset function with html and php 0.00
Is it safe to use a get request for deleting a row from database? +0.40
How to display the message sent on the contact form in PHP -0.57
Column count not matching value count even though my values match m... 0.00
file_get_contents() disabled for security reasons +0.18
PHP hashing using BCRYPT adds unwanted character 0.00
Can't figure out what this error is trying to tell me 0.00
Using Cookie Expire with IF and ELSE PHP, echo not working on ELSE 0.00
What's the ERROR here in this code...? PHP +0.79
What is the meaning of "Only variables should be passed by ref... 0.00
MySQL update using PDO with variable +1.17
How can I link image id's associated with a post id into a gall... 0.00
Display input with php +0.19
Prevention of SQL injection in password input field? PHP 0.00
(int) php and mysql injection +0.19
Can't search my database for relevant data || Error: Trying to... 0.00
PHP Escape All Characters In String 0.00
Should I add salt from a custom randomly generated method to my has... +0.19
PHP Image Hashing in directory and database 0.00
How to check user textbox is empty effectively? -1.13
html entities get passed into database even when I use html_entity_... 0.00
How can I add a delete function to this script to delete file on se... +0.80
Clerification needed re: INSERT base64 to BLOB in mySQL database 0.00
Display non ssl url images on ssl site +0.68
I dont understand why this error come syntax error, unexpected '... 0.00
Deleting users With PDO 0.00
Testfor PHP $_GET value using if statement +0.19
No error, Status 200, yet no data coming into my table 0.00
session not being destroyed after update is complete 0.00
Uploading CSV file containing special characters like French accents 0.00
Cannot handle a form in php 0.00