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Funk Forty Niner

1751.40 (43rd)
81,368 (1,013th)
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Title Δ
Mysql update query with prepared statement is giving error 0.00
How to hide html code in textarea tag when I use php to call data? 0.00
Insert a checkbox selection value into database as Bit field using... +0.19
PHP MYSQL image update is not working saying "You have an erro... 0.00
Should I Use A Queueing System To Handle Payments? +0.18
Function mcrypt_create_iv() is deprecated within CodeIgniter framew... 0.00
extract link from array php 0.00
PHP, where does the glob() function start searching for file +0.17
My image isn't dowloading to my db table 0.00
Can't check if data exists in database 0.00
SQL add a counter row 0.00
What is the best way to hash a password? Is password_hash safe enou... +0.19
MySQL to MySQLi connection problems 0.00
Trying to check if a form has "$_POST" anything and echo... +0.78
How to echo an error in my page so that I can style it? 0.00
For some reason my code doesn't work +0.19
My database outputs: Resource id #3 in odbc 0.00
sending dynamic data to PHP 0.00
PHP Comment-Script is not working but code seems to be right 0.00
How do you query a database using a Date and Time from PHP Function +0.17
PHP Login Form. Always wrong email, password 0.00
Success message after submit +0.48
i can't find any error 0.00
Convert string to lowercase AND then convert it to its original for... +0.19
fill html table with mysql data 0.00
Can't connect with database 0.00
Call MySQL stored procedure from PHP 0.00
Issue displaying SQL rows on a web page +1.00
UTF-8 encoding not working in JavaScript 0.00
PHP, HTML and SQL: How to get table row number and send as parameter 0.00
PHP - code works in 2 files, but doesn't work in one file -1.20
Undefined Variable: Results on Line 28 0.00
Display image from database php 0.00
openssl_encrypt returning empty string 0.00
Mysqli_query fails to execute and throwing an error 0.00
Mark as read/unread button data sheet php/mysql 0.00
Is there a way to error check for $stmt->bind_param? +0.93
HTML PHP (Why does not return value?) +0.18
PHP function to use password_hash, hash or MD5 depending on availab... -2.53
If statement doesn't execute even though condition is true 0.00
how to display my id number from db table? 0.00
While loop not working with a database +0.19
Fatal error: Call to a member function bind_param() on boolean in C... 0.00
Php script runs fine but doesn't create the table in the database +0.18
php - unable to register user when using prepared statements 0.00
PHP not creating database +0.19
Email Field not saving to Database - Android Signup Page 0.00
Prepared statements and bind_param error handling 0.00
Unable to add data in to table mysql 0.00
Cant post data in body in PHP +0.19