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Tim Cooper

1746.36 (47th)
125,704 (506th)
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Title Δ
How to get correct file base name on Windows using golang 0.00
func that can take multiple types -0.87
Node.js Buffer from hex and readUInt16BE in Golang 0.00
Why is port a string and not an integer? +0.19
Using DLL in windows Go 0.00
Finalizer statistics +0.20
How can interfaces be comparable and at the same time functions not? +0.89
Parsing multiple JSON types into the same struct +1.75
How do you represent nil in Go AST? 0.00
Get all map values as a slice? 0.00
Appending integer to a string by casting and using the concatenatio... +0.89
How can I fetch a certificate from a URL? 0.00
How to document the rest of argv in golang flags? 0.00
golang sync/atomic package? 0.00
Implementing REST multiple Resource and Identifier using http package 0.00
Create a registry key/string with Go 0.00
weird output when parsing csv file 0.00
How do you print multiline exec output in golang 0.00
How to consume a Windows DLL method 0.00
Cannot implement interface methods for multiple structs placed in t... 0.00
Regex extracting sets of numbers from string when prefix occurs, wh... 0.00
simple static server who return static files in rotation for every... 0.00
Two results are printed when headers are used in golang 0.00
Cannot Select Direct Child from *goquery.Selection 0.00
multiple-value json.Marshal() in single-value context 0.00
How to replace vowels with number 0.00
Regex Replace within Sub Match 0.00
How do I get sqlite to error instead of creating a missing database... 0.00
PHP JWT Invalid signature 0.00
Why does Node fs.watchFile keep test from completing? 0.00
Converting C array and pointer code to Go +0.92
non-bool value in if condition in Go 0.00
How to write to already opened FD in golang 0.00
How would you solve the following Golang challenge? 0.00
How to pass interface pointer through a function in Golang? 0.00
Can I check if a context already has timeout set? 0.00
Wrap io.PipeReader to store progress 0.00
big.Int not equal to one received after big.setBytes(bigint.Bytes()) 0.00
Unmarshal Dynamic JSON 0.00
How to work around Go array sizes in functions +0.20
Random 64-bit integer from crypto/rand 0.00
go reflection: get correct struct type of interface 0.00
Binary string to unicode 0.00
Go lang is it possible to create a struct that can also be used as... +1.04
Why does a channel in golang require a go-routine? +1.07
Get the enum value out from protobuf messages 0.00
How to break out of switch case from inside a function defined insi... 0.00
How do you execute a template with 500 status code in Go? 0.00
Combining or extending interfaces? 0.00
XML parsing with a root level element 0.00