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Tim Cooper

1746.36 (47th)
125,704 (506th)
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Title Δ
casting interface{} to string array 0.00
How to verify RSA key length in Go? 0.00
How to get slice item using pointer to that slice 0.00
Pass value by reference to the holder object 0.00
Exporting structs in go 0.00
Golang time.Parse Defining New Format Type 0.00
Exporting a function whose name starts with a lower case letter 0.00
GoLang - XmlPath Selectors with HTML 0.00
iterate over QMap starting from given key -1.16
Eliminating duplicate code in type switch 0.00
Golang: How to implement the transfer method/function 0.00
golang os *File.Readdir using lstat on all files. Can it be optimis... 0.00
Assignment to entry in nil map when using http header with Echo gol... 0.00
Is binary.Read slow? 0.00
Go - Pipe 3 or more commands with os.exec()? 0.00
Changing the value of a non-struct with a pointer receiver +0.48
How do I do a Go/Golang type assertion for "type MyString stri... +0.20
Lua iterate over letter-number pairs from string? -1.04
Render an image from base64 in golang 0.00
Parsing date from XML does not work 0.00
How to import your own package? 0.00
Creating JSON representation from Go struct 0.00
How can I init a golang map in one instruction? +0.94
Go Language and Verify JWT 0.00
Non-blocking channel operations in go. Send? 0.00
Write to stdout without creating a buffer +1.41
Golang removing nil from slice of interface{} +0.18
Xamarin forms animation does not repeat 0.00
How Do You Assign A Struct Field Variable In Multiple Assignment St... 0.00
Parse repeating fields in xml 0.00
golang multiple case in type switch 0.00
Create an io.ReaderAt from io.Reader 0.00
Calculating hash of encrypted data with a multiwriter 0.00
Set status code on http.ResponseWriter +0.19
"Bad value " in exec.Command output +0.20
Golang: Use string.join on a type alias for a string -1.16
go build with multiple tags 0.00
Why my Go program output a different value? 0.00
Golang struct comparison +0.19
golang make struct T implement I but not *T 0.00
Go lang generate hmac 0.00
Unmarshal JSON as struct with "embedded" key 0.00
Builtin append vs. bytes.Buffer write -3.40
Using overridden parent method in other parent methods 0.00
Golang Sort :does not implement sort.Interface (missing Len method) 0.00
How do you parse date in the format: 0.00
How to write the types explicitly on the left when the function ret... 0.00
How do I get sql code / state / warnings in Go? 0.00
What's C++'s `using` equivalent in golang -0.45
Function that takes different type of struct +0.38