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James McNellis

1859.38 (3rd)
296,402 (122nd)
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Title Δ
How to know which version of VC++ runtime is required by a C++/CLI... +0.11
RTTI support for C++11 ( _CPPRTTI and __GNUG__ ) 0.00
#define Conflicting with Conditionally #include-d Library 0.00
Using PPL with an operator new override 0.00
Compiler reference error due to calling ulldiv.asm for c++ program 0.00
How to detect if a library is using the XP compatibility (v120_xp)? 0.00
How do I append to a macro multiple times? 0.00
Visual C++ Undesired Result When UsingCreateProcess() 0.00
VS2013: How to disable warnings for included header files outside o... 0.00
Where are Windows SDK for Windows 8.1 includes? 0.00
Find out whether a lib requires static or dynamic runtimes 0.00
Why is the Visual Studio runtime library source code stored in two... +0.09
No error on missing return for inlined member (VS2013) 0.00
swprintf() with narrow strings +0.40
How to understand _Function_class_(name) in C++ 0.00
C++: Is it safe to delete post-increment operator on custom iterato... 0.00
Why there is a underline before wtoi in function _wtoi which ansi v... +0.34
why this PP_ARG_COUNT macro need a PP_EXPAND? 0.00
Is MSVCRT's implementation of fprintf() thread safe? 0.00
Duplicate definitions of _aenvptr and _wenvptr 0.00
SymGetLineFromAddr not working properly -3.54
Specific difference between _WIN64 and TARGET_X64 macros in Visual... 0.00
Is there a MSVC 2013 std::list memory leak? 0.00
Checking header files who are not used in main() +0.10
Handling exceptions of overridden methods from the base class in C++ 0.00
_msize Debug Assertion Failed 0.00
Visual studio __VA_ARGS__ issue 0.00
c++ automatic 'type cast' conversion +1.40
Using std::unique_ptr for managing COM objects +0.41
VC++ Standard Library Link Error -0.39
Why compilers give different warning message for auto x = a; and au... +0.55
How do I concatenate wide string literals with PRId32, PRIu64, etc.? +0.78
What does the access modifer "protected private" do in vi... 0.00
Is this a MSVC++ compiler bug? 0.00
realloc fails in visual studio with big values +0.44
Minimalizate visibility VS avoid initialization 0.00
VS Express 2012 C++ lambda Intellisense error? 0.00
Why doesn't MSVC give out an error when using function calls in __a... +0.54
Decltype in template parameter of variable 0.00
MFC Static Linking Unresolved External Symbol 0.00
Cannot find input file 'libc.lib' 0.00
"wcs" and "_w" and "_mbs" prefix in V... +0.13
C++ sscanf_s values not correct 0.00
Why can't C++ explicitly-instantiated template methods override vir... +0.65
Destruction order of variable without a name +0.55
How macro defintion works for memory leak detection? +0.11
What does BUGBUG mean in minwindef.h? 0.00
Size of array 'exceeded', but array is small 0.00
How to get current system time in milliseconds from 1/1/1970 (C++) +0.26
freopen_s("conout$") and fclose 0.00