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Rating Stats for

James McNellis

1859.38 (3rd)
296,402 (122nd)
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Title Δ
_wfopen_s doesn't work properly in Windows Phone app 0.00
What does the @ symbol mean in the error LNK2019? -0.37
Why can a non-const reference parameter be bound to a temporary obj... +0.11
Reset high water count in CRT debug heap 0.00
How to get VS2013 to stop generating calls to __dtol3, __dtoui3, an... 0.00
Derefencing a cast 0.00
How does std::unordered_map return correct value from a bucket +0.11
IUnknown pointer reference 0.00
Alternative IDE to Develop Windows 8 Apps? +0.11
How to release the object in a TLS-slot at thread exit? +0.45
Error compile "CONDITION_VARIABLE undeclared" +0.11
How to make the process ignore some signal(like SIGHUP,SIGABRT,SIGA... 0.00
Why #pragma pack in VC++ uses a stack? 0.00
Why does decltype remove const from return types for built-in types? 0.00
C++11 declaration `::T i`? 0.00
Using __argc and __argv in MinGW 0.00
including a .lib file compiled in vs2010 in a project that is using... +0.11
Using SetThreadAffinityMask() to dynamically choose which threads t... +0.58
Why is the stack address lower than that of heap in Visual C++? 0.00
Invalid amount of arguments 0.00
Determine the size of time_t with preprocessor? 0.00
Newbie to C++; visual studio 2012 include path +0.11
Including a visual 2005 library in a visual C 2010 project 0.00
Why does scope resolution fail in presence of decltype? 0.00
memory allocation and 0 size: can I get the memory leaks? -1.15
c++ bool anomaly -- why is this possible? +0.70
Never provide destructor in the PIMPL(using boost scoped_ptr), the... 0.00
_splitpath_s: wrong argument type? +0.08
_beginthread/ex C3861 - identifier not found +0.45
VS8 can't handle file.close();;, why? 0.00
How to set relative include path in visual studio 2010? 0.00
Compiler crashes with const auto 0.00
C++/CX - Case insensitive comparison of two String objects 0.00
Poor performance of vector<bool> in 64-bit target with VS2012 +0.54
In C++/CX, why don't unreferenced hat ^ parameters generate warnings? 0.00
Will the compiler do different things depending on how I handle unr... +0.58
Why does a static namespace variable accessed from inside an inline... +0.11
Best way to delete a std::unique_ptr from a vector with a raw point... +0.96
tracing compiler errors through templates 0.00
Debugging an apparent memory-issue in a C++-program +0.67
why is c++'s metaprogramming not added into its native feature? -0.40
Launching a windows metro app programmatically 0.00
memory alignment of classes +0.60
What is the difference between wcsncpy and wcscpy_s? +0.10
Accessing Visual Studio macros from source code? +0.11
Whitespace in C++11 more than preprocessing token separation? +0.39
Is new[] faster than Win32's VirtualAlloc? -0.44
Managed C++ - general compile errors 0.00
C++11 is_pod with GCC 4.6 +0.10
std::wstring to_wstring( double value ); 0.00