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T.J. Crowder

1752.11 (40th)
993,097 (8th)
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Title Δ
Struggling to make an async function wait for a database response +0.19
How to use Buffer.from() with crypto.timingSafeEqual()? 0.00
Add a method in object prototype to change all the key's value... +1.55
JS: Add ellipsis if string length exceeded 50 characters -0.51
How to get rid of "\n" and " ' ' " in m... 0.00
Array will never be empty but typescript does not know 0.00
Create 'Automatic copy to clipboard' javascript 0.00
Wrong when clicking button child element +0.18
Asynchronous function keeps reading old value of global variable 0.00
Typescript casting always returns "object" 0.00
How to add eventListeners within a loop in JavaScript without trigg... +0.86
Sleep in javascript, why doesn't it loop? -0.80
Map and return a new object instead of deleting existing data recur... 0.00
JavaScript syntax advice: Invalid left hand side in prefix expressi... 0.00
Simple AJAX seems to quietly overwhelm browser 0.00
async vs sync flows and how to ensure ordering +1.66
SCRIPT438:the object does not support the property or method "... +0.21
Get four values with only one textbox and print them on different l... 0.00
How exactly works this async-await method call? is it correct? +0.20
Creating an array from values in a loop +0.19
Calculating a midpoint with left + (right - left) / 2 returns a dec... +0.75
How to convert an UUID String to a Number in React / Typescript 0.00
How to conditionally set a function argument type in typescript? +0.19
Unclear Behaviour With `throw`and String Concatenation 0.00
How to find the class index of a clicked element using javascript? 0.00
Template.QuerySelector inside Template Tag Not Working 0.00
How to move elements with Javascript +0.77
TypeScript type definitions: how to declare class constructors 0.00
How to ignore a value when (for loop) through object? +0.19
JS: Don't add value to map on condition +0.95
Why doesn't the try catch block catch the promise exception? 0.00
Typescript pass subset implicit +0.79
Why is `res.sendFile` not doing anything? No errors, but nothing ha... 0.00
How to listen callback JS? 0.00
What is the difference between these two solutions on learnyounode... 0.00
JavaScript validates variable types different when they are undefin... +0.20
How is it possible an object has a property but access to it result... -0.72
avoid xhr uploaded binary being automatically recoded by server -0.30
Use button with href & onClick at the same time -1.20
Why is this TypeScript exhaustive switch check not working? +0.93
Remove the use of eval function from code +0.20
In what situation would 'a != a' resolve to true in JavaScr... 0.00
How to add divs to multiple instances of a class? 0.00
How it is possible to use a variable as a function in javascript? +0.19
Adding quotes to the array of values +1.02
Cannot assign to read only property 'current' in React useRef -3.25
In javascript, how to set function parameter names when creating fu... -0.21
Get all chars from strings of a CSS class with Vanilla Javascript +1.09
How to specify type for a variable? 0.00
Is there a way in JavaScript to reduce callstack size in recursive... 0.00