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Paolo Bergantino

1773.70 (17th)
473,693 (69th)
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Title Δ
jQuery has detected parents incorrectly -1.62
How do I use the jQuery script for multiple divisions? 0.00
jQuery cloning an element and changing attributes of child elements... +0.96
Filtering results in two tables -0.87
make mysql answer how many names are in table -2.01
How to use where > date in django orm? 0.00
Am I using $(this) or .click incorrectly? +0.56
How to achieve this sorting described using mySQL and PHP? +0.33
Why am I getting "undefined" when trying to print id valu... +0.86
How do I stop Django from adding path before links? +0.19
Any possible best alternative to this messy explode? +0.17
Getting the next element of the same type +1.00
Select with a where clause and without it in the same query 0.00
jQuery( elementArray) - only selects children of array items +1.15
jQuery .load() wait, before load content 0.00
jQuery - adding dynamic data to a event binding +1.15
Which jQuery selection is more efficient? +1.16
How could i refresh a list once an item has been removed from a lis... +0.62
JQuery :contains() does not select the text if it is surrounded by... 0.00
Javascript : returning value from my ajax function 0.00
Auto resizing centre div using css? +0.18
Change (title LIKE 'A%') to B or C, etc (rewrite) 0.00
PHP form referrer security +0.12
jQuery tablesorter plugin secondary "hidden" sorting -3.25
jquery find .html() equal to val(); +0.79
pythonic way to check if something exists? -0.35
Naming Functions in jQuery +0.29
How can I set a javascript variable to "" if it is undefi... +0.55
Is there a performance advantage to coding this one way or another? -0.32
Getting the average of an array of dates differences using PHP -0.37
Does jQuery always iterate through DOMs in order in which they are... -1.94
How to implement Django Form using Minimal jQuery Ajax [ Level of q... 0.00
What should come first in HTML, an anchor or a header? +0.54
Get value of dropdown in jquery +0.02
Python Dictionary contains List as Value - How to update? +0.41
Passing $_GET or $_POST data to PHP script that is run with wget -0.07
`if` statement that doesn't execute other functions when condition... 0.00
In Javascript, how do I automatically move the cursor to the next t... +0.85
Too many " or ' +0.71
What's mysql's "BETWEEN" performance over..? -0.91
jQuery form.submit() refreshing page instead of submitting +0.58
Run javascript function when user finishes typing instead of on key... 0.00
CodeIgniter - Getting id from a freshly inserted database record in... +0.20
How to detect the 2nd link on a page using jQuery? +1.83
Javascript Arrays - Specify Key 0.00
Manipulate data returned from an AJAX call in jQuery 0.00
What is the syntax to insert one list into another list in python? +0.17
How can I prevent access to PHP files if the caller isn't using HTT... -0.38
How to select all element of the same class within a div with jQuery? 0.00
Very basic question about parent() and prev() in jQuery +0.50