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Rating Stats for

Paolo Bergantino

1773.70 (16th)
432,308 (61st)
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Title Δ
CakePHP help with read() 0.00
jquery click event +0.18
Directories after the filename in a URL? -0.25
hiding div based on unchecking checkboxes +0.33
How to obtain jquery post return values? +0.18
How do I select an image based on its path/url? -0.83
Making an entire <div> become a link? -0.33
jquery missing { after property 0.00
Auto Check Radio Box if it is the only one being displayed +1.02
CakePHP - hasMany not fetching? +0.18
JQuery: Help with $("#div") +0.37
Can you explain this code? 0.00
How do I "update code" after removing <li> element... +0.87
JQuery and the click function +0.42
jQuery "Please Wait, Loading..." animation? -0.02
Alternative to hardcode urls in views +0.18
Getting the innerHTML of the next() Element on a Click Event using... +0.54
How do I stop a web page from scrolling to the top when a link is c... +0.39
What is an efficient way to set CSS class for each cell in a given... +0.18
How do I select all disabled decendants using jQuery +0.18
How to put a div at center of another div? +0.63
Suppress click event using JQuery +0.26
Jquery getJSON returning 'undefined' 0.00
jQuery AJAX parameter not being passed to MVC 0.00
Stop reload for ajax submitted form -3.02
JQuery how to access divs <p> tag and append it +0.18
Reqular Expression: Replace user defined Format with Number? -0.36
Jquery Alternating Rows with visability 0.00
three questions about table manipulation with jQuery +0.51
Is <th> only semantically different from <td>? +0.62
Django templates "ifless", "ifgreater" 0.00
double $ statement in php +0.95
Python MYSQL update statement -0.59
Is it OK to add your own attributes to HTML elements? +0.70
What is this in PHP? Multiple code for one variable 0.00
How to ensure images are loaded inside a JQuery plugin? +0.19
jQuery Filter Allowed Parameters 0.00
What is the best way to strip out all html tags from a string? +0.59
Regex to determine if a string starts with more than one capital le... +0.45
JavaScript tabs - too many if functions that control it 0.00
Applying jQuery function to dynamically added item -0.54
How to Print a Javascript Variable in a Table? 0.00
How to get browser to navigate to URL in Javascript? 0.00
Jquery AJAX Load problem 0.00
Why would I put an ID on a script tag? +0.89
cannot get to fancybox to work at all 0.00
jquery submit form and then show results in an existing div +0.47
What is the difference between classes and IDs in CSS? Explain with... +0.41
JavaScript Date Object's month index begins with 0! +0.75
jQuery Chain Jumping? -2.00