An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1760.64 (28th)
198,363 (239th)
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Title Δ
How to concatenate a variable and a string with the go templates -0.82
What is the result of a single variable expression evaluation 0.00
Go XML chardata prints empty line 0.00
MongoDB driver pagination -0.34
Unmarshalling xml tag with attribute 0.00
Why is calling a function via a go plugin faster than calling the f... 0.00
Initialize internal package global from parent package global? 0.00
What is correct way to declare UnmarshalJSON for custom type? 0.00
How to match by regexp 3 and 4 bytes UTF-8 +0.18
Why does net/http handler not process multiple requests concurently? 0.00
How to get rid of Go vet warning % in Println +1.31
Use net Write to send data\r\n is sent as a string instead of eof 0.00
Can I return an anonymous struct from a method? 0.00
Where to put wg.Add() 0.00
How to convert a string to rune? 0.00
select and context.Context Done channel 0.00
The most efficient way to compare two large txt files 0.00
Date with Y=0, M=0, D=0 parsed to Nov 30 [Today] 0.00
How to save and load a structure of interfaces in go 0.00
init function does not run before unit test golang 0.00
How to replace specific html tags using string tokenizer 0.00
How do i initialize a slice for future assignment? 0.00
Pretty print unexported fields using '%v' 0.00
How structure transform string 0.00
Go variables escape to the heap when using the add operator to conc... 0.00
Hit deadlock when Select channel 0.00
Confused about behavior of type aliases 0.00
How to get rid of an additional key added while inserting a nested... 0.00
Is it ok to name a string var ends with suffix map? 0.00
Converting interfaces with json decoding 0.00
Not able to refer the index inside the range function in yaml files 0.00
Why don't HTML templates that I have parsed work? 0.00
unmarshal json file with multiple json object (not valid json file) +1.02
How to persist a file (much less than 16MB) in MongoDB using offici... 0.00
How to get the value inside a primitive M 0.00
Gomplate : bad character U+0022 '-' 0.00
Decode in BSON, an interface which is implemented by a private stru... 0.00
How do you get the last document in a collection 0.00
Converting a long integer into a char/rune +0.19
fmt.Scanf does not consume all the characters through the end of th... -0.99
Is there a convention for marking a pointer as to-const in Go? +0.78
Refactor code to use a single channel in an idiomatic way 0.00
Set type for entire const block 0.00
get pointer to element in list 0.00
Does there exist a Go string template like javascript es6 string te... 0.00
ERROR reflect.ValueOf(val).IsZero undefined (type reflect.Value has... 0.00
What does *(*int)(nil) = 0 mean in golang? 0.00
How to initialize nil slices in a struct using reflect 0.00
If slice exists and if it contains at least one specific variable s... 0.00
mongo go if [] is empty deem it as false 0.00