An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1760.64 (28th)
198,363 (239th)
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Title Δ
How can we call SetExpireAfterSeconds in 0.00
Unexpected behavior using an unusual select 0.00
reflect.DeepEqual() is returning false but slices are same 0.00
Sort structure on a string key with accented characters 0.00
Identifying the actual type being stored in a go interface 0.00
Golang grouping files of same extension 0.00
Function to convert webcolor html colour name to hex in Go | DarkOr... 0.00
assign multiple return function to a container(list) 0.00
Split a slice into N slices 0.00
Iterate in array of type struct 0.00
Go - Best way to return package error based on string? 0.00
custom encoder/decoder for insert or geting documents for mongo-dri... 0.00
Use struct as wrapper in go 0.00
Why is infinite loop not incrementing integer? 0.00
How do I convert a base type into a type that inherits it? 0.00
How can I extract a certain header from http response [Set-Cookie] 0.00
I was getting output of exec.Command output in the following manner... 0.00
cannot find package "" 0.00
VSCODE faill to install tools in go module 0.00
Updating struct via pointer of pointer not working 0.00
How does Go bind methods to Objects? 0.00
What is the proper way to write a code block in a go function comme... 0.00
How can I set null value as default to struct -0.68
type reflection of pointer to struct in go 0.00
type conversion in go 0.00
Nil pointer dereference behavior when reading from stdin 0.00
how to print original go struct in String method 0.00
bson.D vs bson.M for find queries +0.64
Is it thread safe to create a new Mutex in Go? 0.00
Shared memory across go routines 0.00
errors.Is(...) are not symmetric? -2.23
How to replace a document in MongoDB with Go driver? 0.00
Replace multiple month-strings to month-ints 0.00
Is there another way of testing if a big.Int is 0? 0.00
Channel is not closing properly? 0.00
What is so special about 24 characters string while calling base64.... 0.00
Check if I can read from channel -0.26
How to change equal (=) to not equal to (<>) in postgres usin... 0.00
missing type in composite literal go AND missing key in map literal... 0.00
getting reflect.Value(&foo) from reflect.Value(foo) 0.00
How can I not reassign a variable in go? 0.00
What determines the order of execution of goroutines? +0.67
mongodb query with go dynamic 0.00
How to create an enum and iterate over it 0.00
remove a field from mongodb query result in golang 0.00
How can I get custom type with reflect? -0.52
How to set a struct member that is a pointer to an arbitrary value... 0.00
rand.Intn generating same random sequences multiple time 0.00
runtime.Callers print different program counters depending on where... 0.00
Get names of all keys in the collection using Go 0.00