An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1796.89 (10th)
96,859 (780th)
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Title Δ
Surefire rerun failing tests not working 0.00
How to convert List<V> into Map<K, List<V>>, with... 0.00
Exclude hidden folders to generate archetype 0.00
Why am I getting a value back from Long.parseUnsignedLong when I sh... -0.55
How to use surefire plugin to run test in customized folder structure +0.76
How does plugin validation work in Maven, and why does it build my... 0.00
Enforce release dependencies except on modules from the same build 0.00
Invocation of MavenCli fails within a Maven plugin +0.16
Find the path to the main artifact in a Maven plugin +0.94
Include scala classes in the sources jar generated by maven package 0.00
UnparseableNumberException while parsing the FR currency 0.00
Calculate weighted average with Java 8 streams 0.00
Maven: Three Jars in one project. Trying to use an assembly, but no... 0.00
What does purge-local-repository actually purge? +0.65
How to perform multiple operations on same custom object using Java 8 -1.83
Maven with an explicit finalName won't work properly +0.42
JaCoCo Report Format 0.00
JaCoCo missing executable issue 0.00
Why is JaCoCo Maven Plugin skipping the report? 0.00
Is it safe to use parallelstream() to populate a Map in Java 8 +0.74
Maven dependency:list includeParents 0.00
Custom MavenResourcesFiltering hard to implement? 0.00
Set a global custom build directory in Maven 0.00
How does Maven plugin prefix resolution work? Why is it resolving &... 0.00
Order of maven repositories in settings.xml 0.00
How to use the Embedded PostgreSQL Server Java component as a separ... +0.16
Maven: Pom file - externalizing dependency versions to a properties... +0.65
Maven surefire forkMode pertest deprecated. What is the new settings? 0.00
How to add a Spring Boot jar to an another Project? +0.14
Why is not there jar version of axis2 1.7.3 in Maven repository? +0.64
Maven - Is `maven-archetype-simple` a valid archetype? +0.47
How can I exclude empty folders with Asciidoctor maven plugin 0.00
@Override annotation on implemented method of interface in Java 5 c... +0.95
Maven dependency:copy-dependencies -- Get javadoc and sources +0.15
Why does Collectors.toMap report value instead of key on Duplicate... +0.63
How to define complex Maven properties in the comand line 0.00
Project repository is ignored if mirrors are configured in the sett... 0.00
Maven Invoker Plugin vs Maven Failsafe Plugin: Which to use for int... 0.00
Plugin absent in the POM, but still being invoked by Maven 0.00
Get the number of passed and failed tests with their name from comm... 0.00
Maven 3: How to exclude generated sources from Xlint check? 0.00
What are the consequences of always using Maven Snapshots? +0.65
Install custom maven plugin from local jar into local repository wi... 0.00
How to install local jar with dependencies in maven 0.00
Script generated via appassembler-maven-plugin is not able to find... 0.00
How does Maven order modules in the reactor 0.00
Hide maven "Running com.MyTest" log line 0.00
Cast the return type of a lambda expression and sort a list with a... 0.00
Disable HTML reporting for TestNG with Maven 0.00
How to use the result of a thenCompose multiple times in Java 8? +1.11