An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1796.89 (9th)
96,859 (780th)
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Title Δ
Checking if an ArrayList contains another ArrayList as element -0.09
How to have custom properties for the Maven Assembly Plugin? 0.00
Field limit in class +0.20
Why do I seem able to add two objects that are equal() to each othe... +1.07
Find all direct dependencies of an artifact on Maven Central +0.67
Convert List of File[] into File[] +0.16
Printing an array with slf4j only prints the first element 0.00
How to stop CI builds in Jenkins from accidentally publishing to re... 0.00 defined in Parent Pom Ignored in Child +0.14
Run maven with specific path to certain plugin from command line 0.00
JSoup search by attribute and class 0.00
Get object with max frequency from Java 8 stream +0.16
Can you get plugin configuration from a POM using aether? 0.00
Setting maven properties depending on the presence of other propert... 0.00
Get maven properties from external configuration file 0.00
Comparator based on different nullable fields of an object +1.13
Using Mock when method +0.87
SONAR complaining to change the condition so that it does not alway... 0.00
A Bug in java time calculating months between 2 dates +0.17
How to not repeat annotations for Bean Validation? 0.00
Collect all objects from a Set of Sets with Java Stream 0.00
Maven structure with a single exposed artifact and internal depende... 0.00
stream and parallelStream +0.87
maven-antrun-plugin copy files from one unknown subdirectory name +0.57
Passing arguments to inner command of maven-exec-plugin failed 0.00
Creating a stream by combining the result of multiple streams +0.17
Java Bean Specifications for boolean field 0.00
Maven property for current year 0.00
Can I limit Collectors.toMap() entries? 0.00
Maven dynamically exclude class with same name from different depen... 0.00
IntStream.boxed() vs for loop | Performance 0.00
How to get millis to midnigth at PST +1.40
Tomcat deployment of application with HSQLDB database giving JDBCCo... 0.00
Maven not including manifest attributes for LWJGL install 0.00
Which formats can the dependencies:unpack-dependencies goal unpack? 0.00
How to create maven uber jar which includes dependencies with scope... +0.35
Can I remove jar from local repository without pom.xml? 0.00
Multiply the occurence of each element in a list by 4 -1.84
StringBuilder constructor accepts a StringBuilder object - why? +0.19
Java 8 Stream/Collectors grouping by with Maps 0.00
Is it possible to check whether all Java 8 stream elements satify o... +0.98
How to insert a space in a charArray in an exact position [Java] +0.36
Quick way to programmatically deploy artifacts to Nexus (in Java) +0.60
Java split and replace -0.39
Java - Skip first line while using try with resources 0.00
maven-dependency-plugin ignores outputDirectory configuration 0.00
How to collect two sum from a stream in Java 8 0.00
maven-antrun-plugin: generate sources for protobuf does not generat... 0.00
Java: not-void methods as map values +0.57
Test on completable future always passing +0.83