An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1745.54 (49th)
87,540 (909th)
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Title Δ
tf.where causes optimiser to fail in tensorflow +0.19
None dimension raise ValueError in batch_norm with Tensorflow +0.19
Sliding Piece Generation in Chess Engine 0.00
TensorFlow: nr. of epochs vs. nr. of training steps 0.00
Which deep learning model can classify categories which are not mut... 0.00
My tensorflow model fails training when I increase number of neuron... 0.00
Tensorflow Layers Api Linear Activation Function 0.00
binary search in Data Structure and Algorithm Analysis in C +0.81
why the code below is not printing TEST? +0.16
How to get an element from argv[] +0.73
Does strict aliasing apply when using pointers to struct members? -1.86
C: Using getopt_long for flags only, no switches. Program only sees... 0.00
Strange algorithm performance -0.51
Weird way of calculating square root 0.00
Why does the sort function of list container not working 0.00
Are these two comparison expressions identical? +1.14
Factoring out an overloaded function call -0.52
Solving matrix equation A B = C. with B(n* 1) and C(n *1) +0.74
Passing local variable by reference to a C++ thread 0.00
Is it legal to convert a one past end of C++ array pointer into an... +0.46
CRC algorithm implementation 0.00
Protected member access works only when not getting its address +0.19
C++ random number for arbitrary integer (of fundamental type) +0.84
Passing char ** to a function expecting const char ** +0.18
project Euler #13 c++ 0.00
Calculating shotgun spread with cos and sin 0.00
Common failure with while loops: why? +0.18
calling a function in the exception class from catch block is not p... 0.00
variable was not declared in this scope gcc error 0.00
FMA instruction _mm256_fmadd_pd(): "132", "231"... +0.85
In a rolling hash what is the relationship between the prime used i... 0.00
Lua - Detecting integers 0.00
C++. Meaning of var1 = new (_field) Constructor() 0.00
Program Leaves Loop Too Early -1.19
Expected an indented block - driving me mad +0.16
Python local name in nest function +0.72
std::abs with std::transform not working +0.21
lifetime of an object managed by const std::unique_ptr -0.59
Algorithm - Find maximum sum of two numbers in unsorted array that... 0.00
Cannot enumerate all arithmetic expressions by recursion 0.00
c++ error in pair cout +0.20
Calling a function in a class failure 0.00
About pointers and strange error -1.20
Dynamic allocation in C - Allocate into a function +0.70
unistd's execl() without passing any arguments? +0.45
Can't compare char array vs char array of pointer in C -1.39
How to assign a value using std::get on a tuple? 0.00
Why malloc(1) gives more than one page size? -2.66
remove "" from output 0.00
adafruit tuple index out of range 0.00