An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1771.99 (18th)
174,866 (291st)
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Title Δ
How do you return an object with a fat arrow function without rebin... 0.00
Why these syntactically identical functions produce different resul... 0.00
Handling errors in promise chains +0.57
combining two regex - lambda functions into one 0.00
JS match of the 'any string' regular expression returns the... +0.40
Why does __len__ return None? +0.88
Why does string.split with a regular expression that contains a cap... +0.01
filter method replacing one array with another array +0.16
Why is node.js generator not working as expected? +0.16
Sequential iteration using ES6 promises 0.00
Remove an element from an array in JavaScript with slice or spread +0.39
Why do we need Nil while creating List in scala? +0.46
Most efficient way to search through an object and array locating m... +0.40
How to map a function to every item in every sublist of a list +0.80
TypeError: Cannot match against 'undefined' or 'null' 0.00
Why does new String * 1 return 0 in Javascript? -0.31
How can I count occurrences of values in a list of dicts? -0.23
Why does this code run in javascript ? Function inside an object +0.15
How can I create Dictionary in Python from file, where values are a... -0.62
Why comparing empty values is not working? -0.97
Template strings in ES2015 -1.83
Execute an array of Javascript promises one after one resolved 0.00
Recursive "parsing" function in javascript -3.44
NodeJs spawn giving ENOENT error (Raspbian) 0.00
how can I assert throw when `new constructor()` with mocha and chai 0.00
Use of if-else in JavaScript ES6 -1.01
Using javascript's replace with wildcard to change width attrib... 0.00
NodeJS Express. res.send() fails when assigned to another var +0.16
Iterate Across Columns in a List of Lists in Python 0.00
Spacing in python string -0.85
explanation of es 6 code +1.40
javascript ES6 class/method scope 0.00
Callback within a promise within a class? +1.28
Merge objects with same key in javascript +0.45
In Mocha, returning a promise that will be rejected doesn't hav... 0.00
How do I iterate through all the cities inside this for loop before... +0.46
local variables loaded asynchronously with chained Q promises 0.00
Why my node server processes the request twice? 0.00
Hoisting variables and functions parameters? 0.00
Sum of multiple list of lists index wise +0.16
In ES6, is there a .next(); Is there any way to get a .previous()? +0.62
dict.setdefault appends one extra (default?) item into the value list +1.03
delete first X words and delimiters of a string - with multiple del... +0.28
Map object empties itself after converting to list +0.16
generators, promises and co or then-yield 0.00
difference between if len(x) and if x -0.92
How can I slice a list based on the lengths from another list? 0.00
Python And Or statements acting ..weird +0.32
Concise way in Scala to combine filterNot/match/case +0.42
Array to string conversion not working +0.46