An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1771.99 (18th)
174,866 (291st)
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Title Δ
Factorise multiple functions 0.00
Handling exceptions inside context managers +0.43
how to implement bluebird promise in nodejs -1.26
Return Subset of List that Matches Condition 0.00
JavaScript array and object in single variable? 0.00
Javascript assumes a string with a space as an operable value 0.00
Why passing javascript promise to `then` results in strange behavior? 0.00
Why is that code inside => { } needs a return and the content in... +0.84
Javascript typeof operator on string-valued function returns "... +0.62
how to resolve 'this is not defined' when extending EventEm... 0.00
Running string as function in javascript setTimeout? +0.15
pass the context on to an inner function +0.91
How to iterate (keys, values) in javascript? +0.15
ES6/ES2015 object destructuring and changing target variable 0.00
Chaining methods with javascript -0.72
Obtaining Values from a List-Dictionary Hybrid List Dynamically 0.00
How to return the following + Promise function? 0.00
Find the coordinates of a cuboid using list comprehension in Python +0.65
How to check if a string is at the beginning of line in spite of ta... +0.04
How can I swap the values of two tuples that do not contain the sam... 0.00
Understanding Scope +0.17
Character Counter won't print all Characters 0.00
var so = {name: 'stack'}['overflow']; +0.45
Is there a way to tell eslint to block console but not console.error? +0.65
Which syntax rule matches the def foo(a, *, b=10) compound statement? -1.93
Multiple strict equality comparisons in a single line 0.00
Can I pre-declare variables for destructuring assignment of objects? 0.00
Replace '-' with '--' in a JavaScript string +0.59
What does "+!!" do in JavaScript? +0.98
How does for loop index ascend the prototype chain? 0.00
Save a dictionary value in python functions +0.16
Why else block is executed even though if condition is true? +1.26
list of dictionaries comprehension - multiple conditions -0.24
Append to list in a dictionary after setdefault +0.17
NodeJS and Cheerio web scrapping 0.00
Extract array element with maximum property value 0.00
Iterate individual elements in python sets +0.18
Why do we have in javascript? 0.00
Cleaner way of handling +0.18
Why is the __cmp__ of a tuple element used for the tuple itself whe... 0.00
cant assign to function call -2.68
create list by -5 and + 5 from given number +0.44
How to add some text to start and end of each element in an array +0.17
How to get keys and values in dictionary, if key and value is tuple +0.16
Extended conditions in a for loop +0.17
What are the differences between key in dict & key in dict.keys... 0.00
Function to check mathematical expression not working 0.00
Simple between function gives error? +0.72
How can I access the innermost function of several nested functions? 0.00
Removing sublist from nested lists based on element values 0.00