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Peter Cordes

1575.42 (3,453rd)
156,434 (349th)
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Title Δ
How do weak ISAs resolve WAW memory hazards using the store buffer? 0.00
MIPS Load Word Placing 0.00
What is the nasm assembly code version of gcc inline assembly -1.61
Memory capacity saturation and minor page faults 0.00
Assembly Visualizer 0.00
Possible to write various-typed value to a memory address with a si... -1.28
How to execute "invd" instruction? 0.00
What are the key differences between general-purpose processors and... 0.00
How is FASM a low level assembler and NASM a high level assembler? 0.00
x86_64 efficiently set bit N in register DST if N < width(DST),... -0.56
What is the relation to the order of which memory is stored 0.00
How to initialize an array of 16-bit integers in ARM64? -1.70
TASM code gives error in YASM: instruction expected after label 0.00
How to auto-vectorise a loop which 1) modifies an array, 2) indicat... 0.00
MIPS-32 Opcode Format: Uppercase or Lowercase? 0.00
Keep only the 10 useful bits in 16-bit words -2.58
How to best emulate the logical meaning of _mm_slli_si128 (128-bit... -1.94
SIMD search for trough after the last peak -2.36
Analogy between 2 CPU having same Instruction Set Architecture (ISA) 0.00
Why do alignment restrictions change the behaviour of clang while v... +1.79
Is "jr $ra" required to end a MIPS assembly language prog... +1.60
Is it good or bad (performance-wise) to use std::vector<Vec8d> +0.13
How is a tword ten bytes instead of 20? 0.00
How many clock cycles do the stages of a simple 5 stage processor t... 0.00
memory_order_relaxed and visibility -1.22
Why does x86 paging have no concept of privilege rings? +0.98
Execute in memory binary with c +0.38
lscpu and cpuid say I have AVX2, but vpsllvw does not work 0.00
AVR Assembler check is number odd +1.33
Conditional move (cmov) for AVX vector registers based on scalar in... +0.43
How do labels execute in Assembly? -2.69
Negative decimal to fixed-point binary 0.00
x86-64 assembly online, with an IDE such as https://www.mycompiler.... 0.00
Does the position of a function/method in a program matters in case... 0.00
Does RDTSCP increment monotonically across multi-cores? 0.00
What does [--][--] mean in the Intel x86 Assembly docs? 0.00
Why does `add cx, 1234` in NASM 16 bit mode produce <unknown>... 0.00
Is the accessing speed of the RAM/Disk Memory dependent on its volu... 0.00
Inconsistent `perf annotate` memory load/store time reporting 0.00
Which are the use case of punpcklbw (interleave in MMX/SSE/AVX)? 0.00
Why is struct of arrays not vastly faster than array of structs in... 0.00
Why make some registers caller-saved and others callee-saved? Why n... 0.00
single-reader single-writer fix-sized ringbuf, without lock and ato... 0.00
Assembly Compilation failed dued to unrecognized character -1.81
shared_lock implemented with std::atomic 0.00
TAGE prediction accuracy improves with loop over larger array? 0.00
Why does some Windows booloader code zero registers with `sub` inst... +2.04
How to unset N right-most set bits 0.00
Can I compile Go programs on Xeon Phi (Knight's Landing) proces... +1.18
Can code built with g++ -march=x86-64 run on a 32-bit Operating Sys... 0.00