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Peter Cordes

1588.43 (2,356th)
156,434 (349th)
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Title Δ
Double cast to unsigned int on Win32 is truncating to 2,147,483,648 0.00
Purpose of saving an incoming pthread address on the stack before s... 0.00
x86-64 do address calculating mov i.e mov i(r, r, i), r execute on... 0.00
Explaining (lack of) endianness as it applies to a string 0.00
Are memory barriers needed because of cpu out of order execution or... 0.00
Assumptions about the stack before usage 0.00
ascii vs asciz vs string in gas 0.00
Is there anyway to make GCC generate extra NOP instruction to align... 0.00
What if system call number were 0 in a buffer overflow attack? 0.00
Clang : getting a function's arguments through inline assembly 0.00
Constant (.equ) in asm 0.00
What's the best way to associate a number with a method in x86_... 0.00
What does it mean that "two store are seen in a consistent ord... 0.00
GCC compile to assembly: cmp followed by call instead of conditiona... 0.00
What's the best way to remember the x86-64 System V arg registe... 0.00
making function global scope like a compiler intrinsic 0.00
Compare unsigned with literal 0.00
What does it mean that "registers are preserved across functio... 0.00
Do any vector registers use same exponent bits for single and doubl... 0.00
how to avoid unaligned access exceptions with float on cortex M4 0.00
Significance of laying out stack variables starting nearer rsp than... 0.00
What is the difference between load/store relaxed atomic and normal... 0.00
Inline Assembler and Bitfield access 0.00
X86 assembly: What is the difference between .text.startup section... 0.00
Calling convention to use for max. portability between x86 systems 0.00
Why does x86 commonly not allow a destination register that is not... 0.00
Why bootloaders can only accept 16bit assembly 0.00
How do I diagnose differences in GNU ld linker behaviour over time? 0.00
Why are clang and GCC not using xchg to implement std::swap? 0.00
Implementation of zero flag without zero flag in program status word 0.00
AVX2 equivalent of std::clamp 0.00
How to find what was optimized by compiler? 0.00
Reading/writing 32-bit data types on a 64-bit architecture 0.00
data alignment under Linux/IA32 0.00
How to pop a lesser-sized value into a register 0.00
Aren't the von Neumann model and the Turing model practically t... 0.00
Is restricted the opposite of volatile? 0.00
const variables in local and global scope in assembly 0.00
disable all AVX-512 instructions for g++ build 0.00
Forcing RIP-relative addressing? 0.00
Why does GCC chose dword movl to copy a long shift count to CL? 0.00
Can compilers generate self modifying code? 0.00
Flipping endianness in gdb? 0.00
Enter a decimal number explicitly in assembly 0.00
Tail-call recursive behavior of the BEAM bytecode instruction call_... 0.00
What are JKZD and JKNZD? 0.00
Can acquire loads reorder with other acquire operations? cppreferen... 0.00
Return values in main vs _start 0.00
Meaning of pc in gdb (alias?) 0.00
Checking if a uint8_t[8] contains any non 0s and accessing a non-ze... 0.00