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Jon Skeet

1916.17 (2nd)
1,112,460 (1st)
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Title Δ
Can you pass a delegate Func<> parameter dynamically named? m... 0.00
Can I combine forcing a variable to be null with a ?? operator? 0.00
CultureInfo nb-NO DateTime.TryParse difference in VS2019 and on dot... 0.00
Discards inside C# Linq queries 0.00
Get time left until sunday 9:30 pm 0.00
Why TrimEnd() function of C# behaves like following? 0.00
Why does Java have support for time zone offsets with seconds preci... 0.00
Why there is a ^ Cap symbol in `pubspec.yaml` file under dependencies 0.00
C# data reader value repeats multiple times while debugging 0.00
How do I fix implicit conversion errors in my c# quicksort algorithm? 0.00
Method taking a type name as argument used against a collection of... 0.00
What is the correct syntax of adding white space after specified nu... 0.00
Why am I receiving an InvalidCastException here? 0.00
Is it possible to give out a warning when switch (enum) does not co... 0.00
Porting C# code. Is this a reference to a global object? 0.00
cannot search for NuGet Packages in visual studio 2019 0.00
C#: Decoding Base64 string not returning full result / gibberisch 0.00
why does the for loop run twice only 0.00
Java runtime error even if int array value present within range 0.00
Type of enum can't be created from string 0.00
Does Static Factory apply to C#? 0.00
In DateTime only 62 of 64 bits are used. Negative values are not in... 0.00
Why is this returning false 0.00
How to find private static methods in static class using reflection? 0.00
Log4Net on .Net Standard has no version for getting logger without... 0.00
How do I find out the elements before a particular element in XML i... 0.00
Why does a switch-case statement on a string constant require a def... 0.00
why two primitive doubles with same value have two different identi... 0.00
Why does Map.put() overwrite existing values in already existing ke... 0.00
Does C# dictionary store only the reference of the object or the fu... 0.00
Call a method from a generic type 0.00
Replace string characters with a given character 0.00
Comparator .comparing() strange behaviour / not working as expected 0.00
Cannot implicitly convert type 'long' to 'int', whe... 0.00
Constant value '-1' cannot be converted to a 'uint'... 0.00
read xml file having namespace in root 0.00
Best way to export Google BiqQuery results into Google Sheets using... 0.00
Releasing .exe file from input string as code 0.00
Why does one println statement change the entire output of my code? 0.00
About implicitly convert type 'int' to 'char', why... 0.00
How to use TimeZoneInfo Class with daylight savings To CONVERT TO UTC 0.00
Check if there is a given string in a Dictionary 0.00
Testing for multiple flag values 0.00
How to find an element in Dictionary with LINQ 0.00
Inherit from Attribute 0.00
Does casting an anonymous lambda to a strongly typed delegate disab... 0.00
Filter parsed JSON object 0.00
Trying to get a HashCode for a simple list of custom POCO's 0.00
How to find out if DST was effective for some date in Python? -3.45
Anonymous function converted to a void returning delegate cannot re... 0.00