An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Rating Stats for

Jon Skeet

1916.17 (2nd)
1,091,809 (1st)
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Title Δ
Predicate return all items 0.00
Is there a reason why the BufferedWriter writes sumbols instead of... 0.00
Can Google cloud services work with Unity? 0.00
Anonymous delegate not using new local for every iteration when dat... 0.00
No deadlock while incrementing synchronized Integer objects 0.00
When I am using CancellationTokenSource, do I pass around a referen... +0.51
NodaTime and Ancient Times 0.00
How can I go through all ids and sum all copies of IDs scores toget... 0.00
c# - Microsoft.VisualC.CppCodeProvider missing 0.00
C# pattern match Task<T> and get it's value +0.52
Accessing extension method within extended type? 0.00
Get All Bi-Weekly dates of year in Java +0.32
Why doesn't 'For each' loop on a uninitialized array in... +0.22
Comparing string hashes on different machines 0.00
How to make an array from a method not change each time the method... +0.44
How to change storage class of single object in GCS bucket? 0.00
New Feature Lambda Overloading in Java 0.00
Are properties always immutable? 0.00
How to get first of week based calendar in nodatime? 0.00
DataTime with Slovenian Culture (sl-SI) has spaces +0.55
Resetting TimeSpan.FromMinutes() 0.00
How to concatenate lists without using extra memory? +0.16
Can a params array be a holding type for a list in C#? +0.09
How to group dates by week and weekday with linq? 0.00
Concat string array +0.58
Accesing a member directly by the class name +0.41
Dictionary sorts by hash not by sequence 0.00
What is the exact meaning of delegate() method in C#? +0.59
C# Variable Scope Question, and Text-based RPG Attempt +0.31
What is this specific line of C# code relating to arrays is doing? 0.00
Does java internally creates the object of the class which is holdi... +0.62
Format json String and pass it to the body with parameters gives er... +0.32
What is standard .NET Core interface for deleting file? 0.00
Error: must declare a body because it is not marked abstract or ext... +0.08
How to create a protobuf Message instance given a MessageDescriptor... 0.00
Yield return and "not all code paths return value" +0.22
Getting the length of a string if it is passed in as a generic type 0.00
Is there anyway to optimize this one bc, it takes forever 0.00
Why cant the compiler resolve the resulting type? +0.32
Why does ":" at the last of a groovy statement does not t... +0.27
Additional packages to use with NodaTime 0.00
Possible to "flatten" linq output into a period delimited... +0.30
Using NodaTime on Linux drops timezone info on coverting to local t... +0.09
Using a parameter's property in an ArgumentException 0.00
Is this C# SqlDecimal math bug? +0.36
Whats does the random range mean? 0.00
Best practice for writing big files +0.09
Odd Hex Length in String after converting string to Hex 0.00
Does C# 8 annotate nullable properties and parameters? -0.86
Google Cloud TTS Voice selection 0.00