An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Rating Stats for

Jon Skeet

1916.17 (2nd)
1,112,460 (1st)
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Title Δ
How to convert an hexadecimal string to a double? 0.00
Getting XDocument to recognize embedded SSML 0.00
dynamic keyword affects return type 0.00
Extracting certain XML element values from different parent elements +0.19
Java - Why does int default to 0 when a value outside the range is... +0.32
Private properties - Not really private? +0.96
using Math.max to replace only negative numbers -0.82
Release nuget packages that have reference to other assemblies +0.08
How do I use knowledgebase for Dialogflow in C# 0.00
My question is about using -1900 in tm_year +0.08
In Java, how are Unicode chars and Java UTF-16 codepoints handled? +0.08
Elegant solution for two Optionals, if one is present the other mus... +0.75
Error reading JObject from JsonReader. Current JsonReader item is n... 0.00
Wrong Serialization on LINQ Web API +0.42
Signature length not correct: got 768 but was expecting 512, in Jav... 0.00
Convert a string like "mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss tt" to DateTime 0.00
Refresh token for Google Storage Client 0.00
Java: get pacific timezone without DST +0.39
null value in dictionary keys that is never inserted 0.00
C# Linq - Order by ASC starting from VALUE +0.23
How to retrieve more than 1000 results from table storage? -0.41
Use variable "string" in compile-time commands 0.00
C#: How can I filter the results of an XML file based on a child el... 0.00
c#: Linq with Dictionary with multiple conditions 0.00
Addition in doesn't work in some cases +0.08
API Key not found when adding Google Maps to Flutter 0.00
Auto Populate Time in Epoch format in DynamoDB 0.00
Why doesn't an async LINQ Select lambda require a return value 0.00
unexpected String.join() behavior +0.75
Can not modify return value Dictionary <string, Point> becaus... 0.00
Multiplication Of Digits in C# 0.00
Finding if a date is on a range of two weekends between another date +0.08
I want to enter double values in Java with a dot and not a comma bu... 0.00
is momentjs incapable of getting time differences between time zones? 0.00
passing "this" in C# generic doesnt work without casting 0.00
How to access "statically" instance members of types? +0.41
Need help to resolve the issue ... not getting desired output. I wo... +0.09
Reading a string from one char to another +0.12
Is there a more concise way to extract (n > i) elements from an... +0.09
Strange question mark, when setting StreamReader to beginning +0.09
C# Pass filename as json parameter- Getting error "Unrecognize... 0.00
Parsing Date in UpperCase to LocalDate +0.08
If-else vs if not-if +0.65
Java differences in parsed timestamps are ignored +0.23
When to null-check arguments with nullable reference types enabled 0.00
String to Int evaluation using parse: +0.08
Predicate return all items 0.00
Is there a reason why the BufferedWriter writes sumbols instead of... 0.00
Can Google cloud services work with Unity? 0.00
Anonymous delegate not using new local for every iteration when dat... 0.00