An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Jon Skeet

1916.17 (2nd)
1,091,809 (1st)
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Title Δ
get the value of a xml tag 0.00
java LocalDateTime parsing exception for date having pattern MM/d/y... +0.08
I want date to be displayed in Milliseconds(epoch) format but getti... +0.31
How can I return <TEnumerable, T> : where TEnumerable:IEnumer... +0.43
My calculation keeps adding 1 every time instead of actually calcul... +0.09
JavaFX get first day of next month +0.36
Return ISO-8601 time format in days from Epoch time in Java +0.09
Why the value I assigned to a variable is gone? +0.16
trying to reference an element in a multidimensional object array t... 0.00
casting an object after getclass() method 0.00
C# Generic IEnumerable 0.00
How to check control Type in Switch Case +0.09
How to Fill & Display Empty Element in Array With Text 0.00
How to deserialize json array when i don't know what class i use? +0.09
Copy objects in google cloud objects started to fail 0.00
ArgumentException "parameter is incorrect" 0.00
how to pass generic list parameter into a method? 0.00
Java not reading all object from file 0.00
Typecasting int to float before division. Which casts do I really n... +0.37
C# how to check for null. (value is null) or (null == value). Can w... 0.00
Operators and Expressions Problem that I can not solve in C# 0.00
Java SimpleDateformatter with 10 decimals after the seconds, cannot... +0.08
How to remove this ' + ' SIGN from visual studio 2017 project +0.09
Querying dynamic data 0.00
How to add hours to date considering DST +0.21
Initialize final variable in two constructors 0.00
C# StringBuilder AppendFormat throwing System.FormatException 0.00
Defining the subtype of an object after it's created +0.32
How to check for missing field in JSON using JSON.NET 0.00
How to parse "uuuu'-'MM'-'dd'T'HH'... +0.24
Why Interface in Case 1 throws compile time error but in Case 2 com... 0.00
C# Displaying returned parameter as decimal within a label 0.00
Java Date get real offset +0.08
Error updating tzdata 2018f (Released 2018-10-18) with tzupdater-2.... +0.09
Expression of type 'System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable(Of S... 0.00
c# Is it possible to create a static object whilst at the same time... 0.00
noda time: how to represent "standard time" 0.00
Why I cannot create my own analogue of Nullable<T>? 0.00
Loading JSON file gives serialization error +0.09
Get parameter value from extended abstract class using 'Reflect... 0.00
Cannot convert XElement to XObject 0.00
Unable to read a value which exists 0.00
Explicit operator with reflection emit 0.00
Trying to read particular Xml value using C# +0.08
Get UTC offset from TimeZoneInfo.Local.StandardName 0.00
Converting Base64 to string inserts whitespaces +0.78
How can I get Noda Time in Xamarin to return "America/Los_Ange... 0.00
C# Interface IEnumerable Any() without specifying generic types +0.56
Problem with trying to use a Linq query. Fails to find xml element +0.26
get file api call haveing hash tag # in string not works ? C# +0.09