An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Rating Stats for

Jon Skeet

1916.17 (2nd)
1,112,460 (1st)
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Title Δ
Using server-side XML Parser to generate HTML content +0.31
How to capture console output from a service C#? +0.88
Is there an equivalent to String.Split that returns a generic list? -0.03
What is base 64 encoding used for? +0.42
C# Inheritance +0.01
MarshalAsAttribute Sizeconst .NET +0.33
How do I prevent inserting new records into tables while using Linq... -1.50
EntitySet vs Table query performance in LINQ2SQL -2.77
How to use Special Chars in Java/Eclipse -0.05
How do I set the byte order marker for Unicode files? +0.16
LINQ equivalent of foreach for IEnumerable<T> -0.11
Storing web content in a JAR file -0.52
How do I read strings in J2ME? +0.32
Search for Object in Generic List +0.31
Inheritance trees and protected constructors in C# -0.60
Inheritance trees and protected constructors in C# +1.03
How do I raise an event via reflection in .NET/C#? +0.32
How do I collapse empty xml tags? +0.68
Where can I learn about the various types of .NET lists? +0.43
When to use a new exception type +0.05
How to: unset variable in C# .NET? +0.33
How do you design an enumerator that returns (theoretically) an inf... +0.71
About System.Linq.Lookup class +1.65
Windows Forms application like Google Chrome with multiple processes +0.36
Error with no HashCode, Equals eclipse -2.57
Is there a good wrapper around ILGenerator? +0.02
Reflection and generic types -1.03
How can I find out what enums are defined by a class? +0.31
Storing a c# DateTimeOffset value in a SQL Server 2005 database +0.32
What language/platform would you recommend for CPU-bound application? -0.05
LINQ page against MS Access . -0.62
Static constructors vs Instance (normal) constructors? +0.44
Have you ever crashed the compiler? -0.01
"suggest" feature for textboxes in a rails app -0.42
How do you run a console application in the Visual Studio output wi... -0.45
What's the best way to write [0..100] in C#? +0.32
How do I change java logging console output from std err to std out -0.20
What sorts of things should I do to make a performant and robust re... +1.63
How to convert UTC time to Time in any other time zone in C# 0.00
What are some of the advantage/disadvantages of using SQLDataReader? +0.71
How do I use DateTime.TryParse with a Nullable<DateTime>? +0.32
Got to switch HTML guys mid-stream +0.60
When would you use delegates in C#? +0.51
What is the best way to store static unit test variables? +0.32
How is 'from/where/select' keywords impemented under the hood in LI... -0.41
Is String.hashCode() portable across VMs, JDKs and OSs? -0.05
How to determine the file size from an attachment to a POP3 message 0.00
Building a LINQ query programatically without local variables trick... +0.35
catching exceptions from another thread +0.31
Should I use default(Foo), Foo.Empty, or null? -0.73