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Rating Stats for

Jon Skeet

1916.17 (2nd)
1,104,687 (1st)
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Title Δ
Other than for LINQ queries, how do you use anonymous types in C#? -1.95
Is an int a 64-bit integer in 64-bit C#? +2.64
Does This ASP.NET Consultant Know What He's Doing? +1.02
Determining if enum value is in list (C#) +2.63
Moq'ing an interface +2.65
How to get Single XElement object using Linq to Xml? 0.00
Compare two DataTables to determine rows in one but not the other +2.64
LINQ to SQL Peculiarities +2.80
Same property, different types -3.24
Read fixed width record from text file +1.22
Doing your own custom .NET event processing loop +2.75
How do I get the row count in JDBC? +0.23
What is wrong with DateTime.Parse(myString)? +1.48
Convert Char[] to a list<byte> (c#) +2.60
Events in C# +0.96
Making every pixel of an image having a specific color transparent -4.33
How slow are .NET exceptions? +2.76
How to indicate that a method was unsuccessful +2.23
Should methods in a Java interface be declared with or without a pu... +2.72
Convert IDictionary<string, string> keys to lowercase (C#) +2.86
Equivalent of typedef in C# +3.10
Best algorithm for synchronizing two IList in C# 2.0 +3.10
How do you force constructor signatures and static methods? +3.19
Fastest way to get productive in VS 08 and C# +2.29
Probably BAD coding style ... please comment +0.50
C# functions with static data +0.22
Is mathematics necessary for programming? +2.45
Is it a good design to put event handling code into an own method? -2.26
How can I support the support department better? +3.05
Double checked locking Article +3.19
.NET 3.5 published in 11/07 .NET 3.0 in 11/06. Why are most people... -0.70
Explain x => x.ToString() //simplify so many calls +3.24
Regexp recognition of email address hard? -0.40
Which languages support *recursive* function literals / anonymous f... -2.99
Safehandle in C# -3.30
C# object is not null but (myObject != null) still return false +1.82
How to alter a float by its smallest increment (or close to it)? +1.28
What is the "< >" syntax within C# +1.96
Another locking question -0.09
LINQ query with multiple aggregates -5.05
Volatile vs. Interlocked vs. lock +1.46
Are static indexers not supported in C#? +2.95
How to Conditionally Format a String in .Net? +3.17
SharpZipLib - ZipException "End of extra data" - Why am I... +3.36
C# Potential Interview Question…Too hard? +3.24
How can I clear event subscriptions in C#? +3.21
How to mock with static methods? +2.34
.NET XmlDocument LoadXML and Entities +0.89
C#: Getting maximum and minimum values of arbitrary properties of a... +3.91
XML Attributes vs Elements +0.14