An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Rating Stats for

Jon Skeet

1911.89 (2nd)
1,182,365 (1st)
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Title Δ
How do C# Events work behind the scenes? +0.31
Where is the best place to locate enum types? +0.30
bring a console window to front in c# +0.76
Using C# params keyword in a constructor of generic types +0.73
How can I call C# extension methods in VB code +0.75
Where is the official, extensive, complete documentation on web.con... -0.66
Should a method that implements an interface method be annotated wi... +0.08
Unable to cast object of type 'System.Object[]' to 'MyObject[]', wh... +1.31
Unable to cast object of type 'System.Object[]' to 'MyObject[]', wh... -0.51
JavaScript - How do I learn about "closures" usage? +1.31
How do I move from Java to C#? +0.51
Really long class/variable/property/method names +0.49
Reading from file not fast enough, how would I speed it up? +0.50
Caching delegate results +0.19
Iterating through list and creating summary lines on the fly +0.32
Iterating through list and creating summary lines on the fly +1.39
Enum and property naming conflicts +0.31
Reflecting method's actions in Java -0.68
ICollection, readonly collections, and synchronisation. Is this rig... -0.50
Java Enum definition +0.32
Remove repetitive, hard coded loops and conditions in C# +0.32
For a typical Web 2.0 Social Application - Java vs C# +0.64
WAV file auto repeat in C# +0.31
Suspending and notifying threads when there is work to do +0.14
Why must someone be subscribed for an event to occur? -0.27
What value to use? C# (Adding numbers represented as strings) -0.73
Best way to determine how to cast an object to an appropriate type... -0.42
C# Console Application still resident in memory after exit -0.58
C# equivalent to java's wait and notify? +0.32
Assignment in .NET 3.5 expression trees +0.27
Is being Pragmatic agile? -0.12
Function pointers, Closures, and Lambda -0.18
Why Opensource and freewares +0.68
How do you convert a DataTable into a generic list? +1.40
What's the difference between anonymous methods (C# 2.0) and lambda... +0.09
Automate Test Orders -0.68
SQL Server 2005 performance issue -0.32
Why should I use an IDE? +0.40
Class design: Wrapping up a datafile into a class with respect to t... +0.09
How long to retain an archive of web server traffic logs? -0.21
Launch an event that has accessors +0.13
What are the MIME types for .NET project source code files? -2.37
C#/.NET: Detect whether program is being run as a service or a cons... -0.64
recursion instead of multi-loops -0.11
recursion instead of multi-loops -0.11
Best Practice for Loading Object from Serialized XML in C# -0.68
Databases: Are "TEXT" fields less efficient than "va... -1.08
Best approach to use in Java 6 for a List being accessed concurrently -0.98
Writing utf16 to file in binary mode -0.14
Getting the size of a field in bytes with C# +0.90