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John Conde

1752.61 (37th)
190,907 (256th)
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Title Δ
PHP Display next delivery date for twice weekly deliveries -1.34
Why does character trim work for get_the_excerpt and not for the_ex... 0.00
Are private-label credit cards (PLCC) exempt from PCI-DSS? -1.20
Arrange Array in PHP 0.00
Cannot get to XML element with PHP 0.00
in_array() always returns false? 0.00
How to use the same random generated string in the same PHP Class -2.09
PHP equivalent of a Node encryption function 0.00
Tried to install xdebug there is no zend_extension in php.ini file 0.00
strtotime('-1 month') returning wrong date if month have 31... 0.00
Problem in checking when date and time has elapse using timezone +0.18
How to display year in correct format in Twig? 0.00
Accept Hosted Recurring billing 0.00
Problems with DES3 method in PHP openssl library 0.00
How To Make A variable with value appear once on the url php 0.00
Authorize.Net capture settlements 0.00
Recurring billing in Authorize.Net 0.00
Is it possible to refund a transaction in Authorize.Net sandbox acc... 0.00
Is there is any possible way to edit subscription interval of Autho... 0.00
Issuing a refund through new Authorize.Net API vs AIM API 0.00
When tokenizing credit card information, does it make sense tokeniz... 0.00
Authorize.Net AIM/SIM APIs and Simple Checkout Officially Deprecated 0.00
Authorize.Net hosted form: how to verify payment succeeded after re... 0.00
How to refund transaction via VBA with 0.00
Single-Page Application, APIs, and PCI Compliance 0.00
Late fees for customer profiles with or without recurring billing s... 0.00
There is a print invoice API / Endpoint for the SDK? 0.00
How do websites determine if a credit card number is valid? 0.00
Webhook always failed authentication in Authorize.Net 0.00
Money does not charge using Authorize.Net 0.00
Is phone number required for Authorize.Net payment processing? 0.00
ARB test in subscription and webhook notification case 0.00
Can we create ARB subscription by customer id? 0.00
Authorize.NET creating a subscription from authorized CC charge 0.00
fetch_assoc() returning only first row +0.63
Inconsistent createFromFormat return (PHP) 0.00
How to specify type in PHP? 0.00
Authorize.NET - SIM integration - Error 13 0.00
Are the XML APIs deprecated in Authorize.Net? 0.00
HMAC-SHA512 hash missing from Authorize.Net AIM response 0.00
Is using a php if statement as a condition for a javascript if stat... 0.00
If I have a transaction_id of an authorization request in Magento,... 0.00
Payment issue in Authorize.Net - E00027 "Charge Credit card: I... 0.00
Authorize.Net: What data do they send back to merchants to settle o... 0.00
Magento 2.3.1 Payment Method - The authenticity of th... +0.18
How to get credit card details from in plain text while using Autho... +0.18
How to do AUTH_ONLY with Authorize.Net Hosted Payment Form 0.00
CodeIgniter : Undefined variable get from __construct() 0.00
Is it possible to make a partial refund multiple times? 0.00
PHP magic method __toNumber() converting object to number +0.19