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John Conde

1757.15 (29th)
185,905 (243rd)
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Title Δ
how to diff a record from database and DateTime 0.00
Convert $date from advanced custom fields in wordpress to php format 0.00
How to add a month to a specific date with PHP? +0.19
ACH validation in run time 0.00
Get 4 digit credit card number 0.00
validate the credit card in without specifying the am... 0.00
unsettled transactions to settled transaction in 0.00
PHP MySQL While Loop Is Only Returning The Last Row 0.00
PHP echo repeats the success text for every row of imported data 0.00
convert the api return datetime string from 24 format to 12 hour fo... +0.18
Validate credit or debit card with ARBCreateSubscriptionRequest lik... 0.00
Dot between every two digits 0.00
How to change the next cycle billing date in Authorize.Net recurrin... 0.00
Authorize.Net SIM method with Velocity payment gateway 0.00
Preserve Session Data on Authorize.NET webhook response 0.00
How can I tell if an transaction has settled? 0.00
Authorize.NET from .NET - E00007 - Invalid authentication values 0.00
token or hash value to store and charge a unique customer: Authoriz... 0.00
php explode() dynamic string 0.00
How to check the balance of merchant and customer 0.00
What will be test URL for Skrill test checkout? 0.00
SQL Query is not reformatting date on PHP file using DATE_FORMAT me... 0.00
Wordpress/PHP call to undefined function error 0.00
How to do foreach 1 until 100? 0.00
Get Authorize.Net transaction detail with the refId 0.00
Updating since TLS 1.0 and 1.1 is now deprecated 0.00
Soap sandbox at +0.18
How to use $HTTP_RAW_POST_DATA -0.32
MySQL and PHP if/else not showing output / echo 0.00
How do i debug an invalid webhook payload using stymiee/authnetjson 0.00
Array structure with PHP 0.00
Unable to get the transaction id using Authorize.Net ARB 0.00
Is there a webhook for settlements? 0.00
Date to Age Diff() errors in PHP +0.18
IF todays date is between 1st December and 5th January +0.96
What are the current payUMoney test credentials 0.00
Using MD5() in SELECT Query does not return results 0.00
How to store SSN, Registration# and other custom fields using CIM i... 0.00
Recurring billing tells duplicate subscription for the same user bu... 0.00
Error 87 in Authorize.Net payment gateway 0.00
TWO Silent URL need to setup in the 0.00
Using just strtotime, 0 am first day of this month in PHP? +0.17
How to refund to multiple transactions in authorize .net using sing... 0.00
How to use Authorize net in -0.32
How to create payment profile with the create transaction request o... 0.00
unexpected result with php date function 0.00
Date that will print the last day of the month plus additional 5 days 0.00
PHP Unixtimestamp get the day of the year +0.92
Providing direct links to Auth.Net admin, specifically refunding 0.00
Convert timestamp into another date format 0.00