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John Conde

1757.15 (29th)
188,710 (243rd)
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Title Δ
Is there a webhook for settlements? 0.00
Date to Age Diff() errors in PHP +0.18
IF todays date is between 1st December and 5th January +0.96
What are the current payUMoney test credentials 0.00
Using MD5() in SELECT Query does not return results 0.00
How to store SSN, Registration# and other custom fields using CIM i... 0.00
Recurring billing tells duplicate subscription for the same user bu... 0.00
Error 87 in Authorize.Net payment gateway 0.00
TWO Silent URL need to setup in the 0.00
Using just strtotime, 0 am first day of this month in PHP? +0.17
How to refund to multiple transactions in authorize .net using sing... 0.00
How to use Authorize net in -0.32
How to create payment profile with the create transaction request o... 0.00
unexpected result with php date function 0.00
Date that will print the last day of the month plus additional 5 days 0.00
PHP Unixtimestamp get the day of the year +0.92
Providing direct links to Auth.Net admin, specifically refunding 0.00
Convert timestamp into another date format 0.00
How can seperate my string in to an array and remove empty value +0.45
What happens to a batch having a settlementState of settlementError? 0.00
Php array - Min 0.00
PHP double quotes +0.17
How do I increment the day of the week in a foreach loop? -1.45
Using ONLY Authorize.Net: Making Multiple Partial Captures on a Sin... +0.18
to check a condition in any case sensitive in php +0.67
split to month and year variables +0.17
Payment Methods of 0.00
printing the next hour with .date("h:i:sa"); php function -1.10
PHP Compare DateTimes with Timezone +0.18
How does mobile app like FoodPanda stores card information? -0.32
Why does ctype_space in PHP return "true" for some numeri... +0.17
PHP Comparing a date to todays date 0.00
Is storing CVV/CVC phone PCI compliant? 0.00
PHP check in_array number of year +0.64
Date in a URL dd/mm/yyyy 0.00
Comparing Two dates only with month and year in PHP +0.40
Why does this for loop repeat infintely +0.08
What is important or implication of using or not using braces in PHP? 0.00
get wrong value after convert date to day 0.00
Getting error Cannot use a scalar value as an array 0.00
How to find all the data that match a particular month from mysql d... +0.19
get all 1 year date which equal to current day in php -0.33
Should I duplicate the form validation on client side in server sid... +1.03
Strict comparison of DateTime Objects 0.00
How to get last day payment failed transaction list using authorize... 0.00
How to filter out blank values from an array in PHP & Reindex t... +0.19
Cant echo a string in multidimensional array but can print_r 0.00
html registration form insertion into a database error 0.00
Print syntax for export to csv +0.18
Is it possible to trigger a web service (or callback event) after a... 0.00