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John Conde

1752.61 (37th)
190,907 (256th)
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Title Δ
Is it possible to reference a variable before defining it? +0.19
PHP comparing two dates for expire date +0.18
Class php_com_dotnet is missing in php 0.00
Is there a more efficient way to code this conditional statement? I... +0.72
How do I do bi-monthly subscriptions in Authorize.Net? 0.00
Php Function how to turn integer into varchar on the output +0.52
Grab data from JSON array - PHP 0.00
How to change a line in my .html file which created and written in c? 0.00
i want to be able to echo all the element in an array? 0.00
Unable to load solution in Jetbrains Rider 0.00
Authorize.Net Direct Post for Magento - An error occurred while try... 0.00
Why don't I get a closing XML node for each pass through this l... 0.00
Save difference of two arrays in another array in PHP 0.00
Can't insert Json into database +0.18
Are Paypal language options available in paypal API? 0.00 not updating billing address on existing CIM record 0.00
Why I'm getting "You have an error in your SQL syntax"... +0.64
PHP date returns wrong day value 0.00
Get next of given DateTime and skip if day is not the same -1.40
Array only getting first part of data 0.00
CyberSource rejects orders from certain amount ranges with code 203 0.00
Why does this snippet not throw an error? 0.00
Cant get dates in a correct way 0.00
Can I store user bank details without PCI compliance? 0.00
Get range of hours by time now -1.55
Why is phasing out MD5 based hash use for transaction... 0.00
Webhook class not found when trying to retrieve and parse authorize... -0.34
Authorize.Net Recurring Billing Events 0.00
Need help updating from md5 to sha-512 0.00
How to set trial period interval in 0.00
Updating md5 to sha512 authorizenet -0.82
How do i generate random password based on the month names? 0.00
Using https POST for transaction but don't understand how to tr... -0.32
PHP Display Date Time with Offset -0.08
Php Switch gives back the first case only -0.31
If a string is not matching one of 3 option in PHP +0.83
PHP strtotime not yielding correct date 0.00
Converting Timezone String to UTC offset using PHP 0.00
How to display the current year with next year something like 2018-... 0.00
AuthnetWebhook package signature key validation +0.18
How to solve the error of The element 'createCustomerProfileReq... 0.00
How to Apply If Statement for both Capital & Small Letters -0.83 recurring billing Silent Post URL Setup 0.00
The cardholder authentication value is invalid Authorize.Net AIM 0.00
How to get day names between to dates using for loop in php -0.84
DateTime comparison PHP +1.20
What is the logic behind the isset() function in PHP? -1.30
Is this a bad practice in PHP? +0.61
why is a strpos that is !== false not true? +0.17 apply one time cash discount on ARB subscription 0.00