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John Conde

1756.58 (32nd)
190,907 (255th)
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Title Δ
Get range of hours by time now -1.55
Why is phasing out MD5 based hash use for transaction... 0.00
Webhook class not found when trying to retrieve and parse authorize... -0.34
Authorize.Net Recurring Billing Events 0.00
Need help updating from md5 to sha-512 0.00
How to set trial period interval in 0.00
Updating md5 to sha512 authorizenet -0.82
How do i generate random password based on the month names? 0.00
Using https POST for transaction but don't understand how to tr... -0.32
PHP Display Date Time with Offset -0.08
Php Switch gives back the first case only -0.31
If a string is not matching one of 3 option in PHP +0.83
PHP strtotime not yielding correct date 0.00
Converting Timezone String to UTC offset using PHP 0.00
How to display the current year with next year something like 2018-... 0.00
AuthnetWebhook package signature key validation +0.18
How to solve the error of The element 'createCustomerProfileReq... 0.00
How to Apply If Statement for both Capital & Small Letters -0.83 recurring billing Silent Post URL Setup 0.00
The cardholder authentication value is invalid Authorize.Net AIM 0.00
How to get day names between to dates using for loop in php -0.84
DateTime comparison PHP +1.20
What is the logic behind the isset() function in PHP? -1.30
Is this a bad practice in PHP? +0.61
why is a strpos that is !== false not true? +0.17 apply one time cash discount on ARB subscription 0.00
Month and Year not working in PHP -0.55
How to retrieve multiple input names into one variable in PHP 0.00
Not able to submit refund (eCheck) 0.00
Email Address special characters confusion 0.00
why does the php code only fetch one digit from my two-digits-ids i... +0.77
Is it possible to convert lowercase to uppercase AND remove accents... +0.89
Making changes in already settled batches 0.00
Cybersource payment gateway failing transactions for less than 2000$ -0.32
How can i parse a date to same day of previous month? +0.17
In PHP, why does `print 08+"51";` give 51? 0.00
Sending OTP via Authorize.Net 0.00
how to diff a record from database and DateTime 0.00
Convert $date from advanced custom fields in wordpress to php format 0.00
How to add a month to a specific date with PHP? +0.19
ACH validation in run time 0.00
Get 4 digit credit card number 0.00
validate the credit card in without specifying the am... 0.00
unsettled transactions to settled transaction in 0.00
PHP MySQL While Loop Is Only Returning The Last Row 0.00
PHP echo repeats the success text for every row of imported data 0.00
convert the api return datetime string from 24 format to 12 hour fo... +0.18
Validate credit or debit card with ARBCreateSubscriptionRequest lik... 0.00
Dot between every two digits 0.00
How to change the next cycle billing date in Authorize.Net recurrin... 0.00