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1491.03 (4,399,023rd)
22,468 (5,844th)
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Title Δ
Do locked instructions provide a barrier between weakly-ordered acc... -1.88
CMPXCHG and critical section implementation 0.00
How can I determine which Windows DLL is being used for a function... -1.49
File size of a >4gb file? +2.35
Get register value by detouring specific address [x86 assembly on W... 0.00
Weird Assembly Generated by VC++ When CASE Selector is Unsigned Lon... 0.00
ReadProcessMemory and WriteProcessMemory atomicity 0.00
Dx11 Crash when accessing XMMATRIX 0.00
Strange bracket-parentheses notation in C++, looking somewhat like... -1.48
Meaning of __real, __imp, __xmm symbols in MSVC-generated symbol ta... 0.00
Win32 creating windows 7 status flyouts 0.00
Hooking a usercall function from ida pro -0.09
How to know where's the first function argument? +0.25
Which is faster: calling glGetUniformLocation or using std::map? 0.00
How does LuaJIT's trace compiler work? -0.30
What does IDA use for graphing? +0.01
VS2010 auto-format for ASM files 0.00
Reading memory from ".exe" + offset? 0.00
How to interpet the EFL in OllyDbg? 0.00
Using XMVECTOR from DirectXMath as a class member causes a crash on... 0.00
Mouse Click Operation VC++ +0.02
search aBindterm[somevar].ppfunc in VS2010 0.00
x86_64 memory reorder 0.00
Write-combining: which cache line is avoided to be read before writ... -0.49
Why does memory allocated from inside a DLL become invalid after Fr... +0.10
Assembly language - Flag setting giving me headaches +0.01
x86 find out operand size of instruction given only the hex machine... -1.77
Embed a tracing function in assembly code using IDA pro 0.00
How does one display "Hello, world!" without using the be... -0.17
Is it possible to protect a region of memory from WinAPI? -1.32
how do i create 3d bounding box? (Direct 3d 11, HLSL) 0.00
C++ hooking my own programs functions +0.93
What is the fastest instrumentation profiler out there +2.24
Why does an 8 byte array (C) in 64-bit Ubuntu take 16 bytes? 0.00
function address in .pdb is different from .exe,why? 0.00
Generating CMPXCHG (without LOCK) in 64-bit builds using Visual C++... +0.01
Accessing function parameters in C++ from assembly in IA-32 0.00
How to write word as dword/qword? 0.00
How to access the friend class method? -0.33
how can get value after addition if user left some textbox blank +1.26
Embedded C++ interpreter for data manipulation in compiled program +0.02
Is there any way to debug .COM files with OllyDbg? 0.00
Impact of static definition on performence and on code memory size... -0.61
cbClsExtra and cbWndExtra 0.00
Disable GPU Boost 0.00
Two lines in assembly that don't make any sense together +2.18
C++ Function Hook (memory address only) +1.69
linux nasm assembly what does (register):(register) mean? 0.00
random number without using seed C programming -0.22
linux nasm - moving data from register into memory -1.92