An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1735.43 (58th)
71,039 (1,208th)
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Title Δ
Css3 dynamic added element not get animated 0.00
CSS not selector - missing a comma in function argument 0.00
CSS id^= selector Issue 0.00
How to use begin with selector in Less 0.00
How to modify CSS heart to insert inside image? +0.39
Is it possible to mix-in from mixin function parameter? 0.00
Why does border-radius cause huge style changes on buttons in chrome? 0.00
How to force @keyframes play till of its end after on mouseout? +0.21
How is background-size percentage calculated? -0.57
Elements with animation delay briefly appear before fading in using... +0.99
Loop issues with Less 0.00
Animating :before does not work properly 0.00
4 gradient borders in CSS 0.00
Calculation of border-image-width with border-image-outset 0.00
Combining Less mixin and calc() 0.00
Selecting first-child after selecting element with not selector +0.21
Less variables in selector with & 0.00
How to apply linear-gradient on an input on its border-bottom only? 0.00
SMIL to CSS Animation: multiple animations on single element 0.00
CSS perspective for each element +0.79
Color a part of an input range 0.00
Custom shape with background image +1.15
How to Convert Sass Function to Less? 0.00
SASS mixin with dynamic argument list does not work with only one a... 0.00
How can I jump to another stage of my animation on CSS keyframes? +0.82
Partial background color change of table-cell - gradient issue +0.18
CSS3 linear-gradient issues with different browsers 0.00
Usins scss to select all in @for +0.55
CSS animation, fade in background on hover, stay, and go back to pr... +0.19
horizantal and vertical lines in a square +0.81
CSS hexagonal button with rounded corners +0.21
How to change img style when checkbox is selected? 0.00
Combining gradient text with strikethrough / line-through in Chrome 0.00
Animating an SVG Group 0.00
Expand bottom border on hover not working? 0.00
SVG circle animation stroke on hover 0.00
Same value of transformations but different order. Why the rotation... 0.00
Boxing flip effect in CSS 0.00
Less cascading & refactoring 0.00
How to change a property in a CSS animation abruptly without animat... 0.00
Animating link border with CSS 0.00
How to use dynamic variable in media query? 0.00
Radial gradient shows some backlines, gap, spaces or margins 0.00
Opposite side border radius 0.00
Triangle with two rounded sides +0.69
LESS: How can I pass a mixin as an argument to another mixin? -0.16
How to add/sub to a dynamic variable? 0.00
Create a diagonal background image +0.93
Pass argument to keyframes animation 0.00
How "transition-timing-function:cubic-bezier();" property... 0.00