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Denys Séguret

1734.27 (60th)
292,253 (123rd)
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Title Δ
What is the proper way to define custom attributes for conditional... 0.00
How do I call the function when a variable and function have a same... 0.00
Value moved here, in previous iteration of loop 0.00
Why doesn't Vec implement the Iterator trait? +1.30
How to ensure every enum variant can be returned from a specific fu... +1.04
how to match against Some(&T)? 0.00
cannot borrow `...` as mutable because it is also borrowed as immut... 0.00
Applying a Rust attribute to more than one line 0.00
Is there a way to hint to the compiler to use some kind of default... 0.00
If expressions that yield either value or reference? 0.00
Where should I save my config files in Rust 0.00
What's the regular expression for pipe-delimited number? 0.00
Simplifying error handling in Rust, in case of Result<Option<... +0.77
How can I use serde json on a json object with variable key names 0.00
How do I ensure the right HTML element is passed from JavaScript to... 0.00
How to group imports in Rust with conditional compilation? 0.00
How to add specific prefix to the logging output in Rust? 0.00
How do I build an iterator for walking a file tree recursively? +0.21
What is a real-life example of a struct with more than one lifetime... 0.00
How do I stop the program and restart with sudo without the user ty... +0.22
How can I create an iterator of &T from either a &Vec<T&... +0.75
How to set a field in a struct with an empty value? +1.12
Why can't I call `next_back()` on a `Split`? 0.00
Why Rust don't use default generic parameter type 0.00
How to derive serde::Deserialize for a struct with members with lif... 0.00
Get filepath from glob-entry for use in fs::read_to_string 0.00
Why can't 'var' be used in for loop in Go? 0.00
Trying to apply polymorphism with Box<_> has the error "... 0.00
convert between equivalent enum types in rust 0.00
Is there any way to write a function that can output to either std:... 0.00
How to pass a method as callback 0.00
RegExp - {} not {{ 0.00
How to accept both Vec<String> and Vec<str> as function... -2.02
Lifetime issues in rust: borrowed value does not live long enough 0.00
How does the borrow checker deal with a reference returned from a f... 0.00
Is there a way to reassign a variable to a different trait implemet... 0.00
How to make array for a .push function. Getting "typeError: .p... +0.20
Alternative method for function in javascript +0.20
Which method of getting a reference to a struct field is the prefer... 0.00
Consolidating multiple copies of a character at start of string int... -2.51
PostgreSQL returning NULL as a row in case query returns empty 0.00
Error in function returning string literal after borrowing String 0.00
How to convert a picture in pure black and white in Rust 0.00
How does ownership and borrowing work when making slices? +0.17
Catch GET & POST requests from HTML page using actix-web 0.00
We can have multiple mutable references of the same data in the sam... 0.00
False [] range in regex -2.35
How to compare &self in struct's method with another struct -2.28
Search for words in a ArrayList<String> and save result to Ma... 0.00
References in element variable of for loop 0.00