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Denys Séguret

1739.25 (46th)
279,500 (119th)
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Title Δ
Can I avoid recompiling my platform layer without `static mut`? +0.20
What's the difference between len() and capacity()? +0.20
Why is TypeScript on NodeJS faster than Rust in computing the sum o... +0.74
How to match with vector element in Rust? 0.00
String split with Regex returns no value 0.00
In Javascript how to evaluate expressions if there are other text too +0.50
How convert PostgreSQL Array to JS +0.19
Some "ObjectId" is not getting replaced 0.00
Why is value undefined at .then() even it's chained to Promise? 0.00
Calling a function within an object, Error: Uncaught TypeError: thi... 0.00
Why does [{"value":"tag1"} turns into [object O... +0.03
How can I avoid passing a lot of parameters into a nested function? 0.00
Regex to replace everything after a specific symbol? java +0.20
"decimal literal empty" when combining several strings fo... 0.00
Using await in code for a child process will make only that child p... 0.00
How to include the file path in an IO error in Rust? +1.28
Javascript weird comparison result +0.55
How to get only first character match with RegEx -1.65
Detecting two keyboard keys being down at the same time +0.19
Storing my API token in local storage is wrapping the token in doub... 0.00
Is it safe to commit the Gopkg.lock file? 0.00
Passing an immutable reference when a mutable reference exists 0.00
Is there a one liner in javascript to use an array of string as an... +0.20
startsWith() to check different letters or strings +1.03
Start another program then quit -2.28
How to convert Vec<Rgb<u8>> to Vec<u8> -2.32
how to measure function execute time in nodejs? 0.00
Kill 'ps aux' output in one line -0.55
How can I bind a variable in a map function to a type? -3.31
What is the difference between a const variable and a static variab... -0.81
Node.js - Server is not a constructor() ES6 0.00
Converting circular structure to JSON - 3rd party API 0.00
Why does passing a closure to function which accepts a function poi... +1.26
How to eval code as string to class name in javascript? 0.00
NodeJS async/await and function call +0.22
Check data type of array and null value in JavaScript -1.42
Return specific value from json if it exist and zero rows if not 0.00
.text() concatenates strings without spaces when removing html tags +0.20
Regex to match 000001 to 002000 +0.20
Map list of objects with sub array of objects -1.30
JS/Regex matching way more than it should -0.81
char_length alternative for JSON type? -3.07
Postgresql how to use IN for multiple column text match +0.55
JavaScript bitwise & operator appends 1 on unintended position 0.00
How do I see what requires a package using yarn? 0.00
Why does declaring a variable named values as an object returns typ... +1.12
Node - How to use a variable inside a path.join? 0.00
How to return a spread operator in a map arrow function in one line 0.00
go float zero division compiler error 0.00
replace dots with new line with regex +1.01