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1738.36 (52nd)
110,671 (623rd)
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Title Δ
Unable to use aligned `operator new` in a module with Clang 0.00
When can std::vector::pop_back throw an exception 0.00
Constexpr if with a non-bool condition -1.85
writable zip ranges are not possible? 0.00
Are std::list::splice() and std::forward_list::splice_after() decla... 0.00
Why can't a function in a namespace see my operator<< def... +0.85
Safe, idiomatic destroy-and-compact within fixed, unordered, owning... +0.43
propagate_const and forward declaration 0.00
C++ variant converting constructor with bool -2.02
std::launder, std::vector and move constructible only types 0.00
Why does having a declaration of a private base class render a type... 0.00
is C++17 std::filesystem::recursive_directory_iterator::pop equal t... +0.22
std::vector::shrink_to_fit() does not check allocator equality 0.00
Does the move constuctor of std::vector call the move constructor o... +0.32
How to write proper std::initializer_list constructor -0.18
Do the following two declarations involving automatic return type w... -1.30
Move the first element to the end of the forward_list +0.19
What is the most efficient CUDA Thrust or C++ STL sort predicate to... 0.00
What happened to std::atomic<X>::value_type? -2.94
Class template argument deduction of member variables 0.00
How can I detect that a constuctor is really constexpr, so I can ut... +0.19
Something like `declval` for concepts +2.02
Why template with only valid empty variadic pack ill formed? 0.00
When is initializer_list allowed to be deduced? 0.00
Default fallback overload of a function template -1.89
Why does [=]{} have a lambda capture? -2.38
Understanding Code example with reinterpret_cast of POD-struct +0.19
What are customization point objects and how to use them? -3.00
C++ - no operator "<<" matches these operands direc... +0.65
Overload resolution looking into namespaces -3.22
Is it possible to force STL set to reevaluate predicate? 0.00
Templates and ODR 0.00
Why is std::atomic_ref not implemented in terms of std::atomic -2.33
What is consteval? 0.00
const cast and std launder +0.78
Brace elision in std::array<std::vector> +1.60
With P1141R1 voted in, how many types are deduced from multiple ded... +1.98
Does repeated iteration through an unordered_set produce consistent... +0.19
What does std::owner_less do? 0.00
std::vector erase() not working as intended 0.00
error: `type` in `class std::result_of` does not name a type +0.76
Can copy constructors of containers be defined as deleted for non-c... +0.94
Why does C++ disallow the creation of valid pointers from a valid a... +0.60
tellg and seekg not working when wrap vector<char> in istream 0.00
How can I work around this parameter expansion bug in GCC without u... +0.73
Can we access a member of a non-existing union? -1.62
Why does this stringstream fail when parsing into double? 0.00
Template Argument Deduction Failure and Function Parameters/Argumen... +0.20
Why is std::allocator::deallocate not noexcept? 0.00
C++17 - node extraction/reinsertion with custom allocator - works w... +0.20