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1738.51 (46th)
53,621 (843rd)
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Title Δ
Function argument evaluation order vs Lambda capture evaluation order 0.00
Why isn't fetch_sub a release operation? 0.00
Will relaxed memory order lead to infinite loop here? +1.07
Why 'acquire/release' can not guarantee sequential consiste... 0.00
Is it correct to say that the compiler can replace the expression `... +0.40
How to decay all variadic template parameters? 0.00
Retrieve innermost template type within the template itself +0.09
Visual C++ perfect forwarding compile error 0.00
Why is copy deduction candidate necessary as a separate deduction g... -2.38
friend, template, namespace +0.90
C++: STL sort STL vector of STL array 0.00
Why doesn't passing temporary object to another thread cause un... 0.00
Are stringstream read failures non-deterministic? +0.17
Possible bug in gcc when using member initializer 0.00
Is it practically OK to delete object not constructed using the new... +0.19
Are function pointers function objects in C++? +0.65
What are the types that are considered callables in C++? +0.88
trailing return type of deduction guide is not a specialization -2.10
Is the c++ primer making something wrong with the usage of `dynamic... +0.24
SFINAE in variadic constructor -2.84
Result of ternary operator on `int` and `float` 0.00
Thrust reduce with tuple accumulator 0.00
Why does GCC think that the template parameter is int whereas it... 0.00
Cannot call std::invoke() with auto& parameter via std::ref() 0.00
How to negate a predicate supplied by `std::bind`? +0.87
Why does std::istream::ignore discard characters? +1.15
strange basic_string constructor c++17 +0.87
Is template-name<TT> a deduced context? +0.84
Template template and CRTP: compiler bugs, and GCC and clang do not... 0.00
Value initialization: MSVC vs clang -0.34
How to Support Variadic Template Types in Visual Studio 2017 -0.08
Short circuit dispatching and stop condition in a string-literal to... 0.00
Does a function pointer need to point to a function with external l... 0.00
How Can I Prevent Template Generation for Objects That Don't Im... 0.00
Reinterpreting a union to a different union -1.06
How to Insert spaces in (cout << ... << args) using fol... 0.00
Why the constructor of std::mutex in C++ does not throw? +0.57
Double-check lock pattern - capture in lambda passed to call_once 0.00
Are collisions between expressions and namespaces expected when inv... +0.74
C++ std::initializer_list constructor -0.99
Bug in std::sort? +0.63
Why a template alias specialization depends on the context in which... +0.19
Is it undefined behavior to `reinterpret_cast` a `T*` to `T(*)[N]`? +1.63
Move a prvalue into function template uref argument or not? 0.00
Generally, is dereference pointer expression results a reference ty... +1.34
How to prevent a constructor from being called with a temporary -0.58
visual c++ why does std::move crash -3.24
Differences between c++14 std::experimental::filesystem::v1 and c++... 0.00
dependent name is not a type, templates with SFINAE 0.00
Is there any way to get at the container template type to reuse it... 0.00